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Self-hosted email marketing software for,
  • Businesses or other organizations that need an in-house, self-hosted & self-managed solution for email marketing and autoresponder campaigns.
  • Email marketing professionals engaging in newsletter marketing, lead generation or sending email campaigns for their clients.
  • IT professionals providing Email marketing as a service. ESP/Saas version.
  • Any organization that needs an on-premise email marketing solution to engage in regular email communication with their contacts, customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
  • What does self-hosted mean?
One-time license fee
  • No monthly/recurring fees neither volume-based fees.
  • Since nuevoMailer is self-hosted it runs from your own server and you use it as you like. You have total control of your campaigns, mailing lists and newsletters.
Why self-hosted?
  • Data ownership & portability: gives you total control of your contact lists and data.
  • Flexibility in choosing your hosting, smtp provider and technical infrastructure (either internal, on-premises or external).
  • Cost savings: it costs considerably less compared to serviced solutions.
  • More expandable and scalable (customization, integration with the rest of your company's software).
Efficient architecture
  • nuevoMailer offers a clear separation of entities like subscriber, mailing list, newsletter, campaign.
  • Any newsletter can be used in any campaign with any number of lists.
  • A subscriber can belong in multiple lists.
  • Multiple sender profiles that can be used in different campaigns, autoresponders and opt-in forms.
  • nuevoMailer is a powerful newsletter mailer and mailing list manager. More on performance.
Easy for starters
  • nuevoMailer scales with your knowledge and experience. Easy for starters in email marketing, becomes a power-tool for professionals.
  • Features are unfolded progressively: the more you do the more you discover that you can do.
  • You will enjoy an intuitive fast-loading administration panel resulting in a pleasant working experience and increased productivity.
Multi-threaded sending
  • For high volume, time sensitive email campaigns. Boost your sending speed with multiple threads using this plugin.
Summary report
Autoresponders, drip email campaigns and more
  • With nuevoMailer you will create more focused and more targeted email campaigns such as,
  • Periodic & recurring campaigns, campaign series, drip email campaigns, follow-up campaigns and more.
  • Autoresponder emails and email triggers.
  • You can send multiple campaigns asynchronously, at the same time in the background.
  • Get better insights with detailed, multi-level real-time reports and awesome interactive charts.
Technical details
  • Built in PHP, mySQL, MariaDB for Linux (and Windows) servers easily handles large mailing lists with millions of subscribers. More on performance.
  • For shared or dedicated, cloud, vps hosting and other variants. Easy installation (free if you like). No programming knowledge required. Technical requirements.
  • Works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers.
The total activity report
Email campaign reports
  • At the most detailed level and from different views.
  • Besides the usual key metrics you also have various other reports such as comparison, distribution, geolocation, growth & trend, opt-outs, bounces, complaints and more.
  • Actionable reports that help you understand better your email campaigns performance, further segment your audience, follow-up and improve your email marketing strategy. More on campaign reporting.
ESP - SaaS version
WordPress plugin version
Extensive newsletter personalization
  • Email personalization is key in email marketing.
  • Personalize the subject, body, hyperlinks and even the Google analytics tags using any subscriber field.
  • Build custom, personalized greeting emails and landing pages.
List segmentation
  • Mailing list segmentation is another key element in email marketing.
  • nuevoMailer offers extensive list management, segmentation, filtering and follow-up features to fine-tune your email campaigns.
  • Powerful advanced search. View, isolate, export viewers/clickers (or non), create sub-lists and mailing filters.
Opt-in form builder
  • With custom subscriber fields you can collect the information you want, the way you want.
  • Build forms with captcha and inline validation, save/edit them, link them to external systems (outbound data posting) and integrate your forms in other pages with one line of code.
  • You have a single centralized solution to handle opt-in forms at multiple websites, start building your mailing lists, design, send and track email campaigns. About application areas.
Conditional content
  • Send different content to different subscribers within the same newsletter/campaign based on subscribers properties.
  • Show/hide newsletter parts depending on subscriber data.
Enhance your subscribers experience
  • Publish newsletters and content pages and link between them.
  • Web-based newsletter archive.
  • Subscriber portal when they may login and update their account.
  • Ask for an opt-out reason when unsubscribing so you get better insights on opt-outs.
Amazon SES/SNS ready
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