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Great technical Support
I have been working with a new mailer for a few years, but after more than 20 years of experience using email marketing tools, without a doubt nuevomailer is the best self-hosted email marketing system.

Around 2002, I started using the hosted version of Active campaign, and I have seen many email marketing systems born.

But since I used a new mailer (nuevomailer), the management of my marketing campaigns has improved a lot.

Maybe it does not have the most beautiful UI, but it shows that it is constantly growing and including improvements in each update.

And above all, an excellent technical support, where step by step they have always helped me to solve problems and learn new things in the world of email marketing.


An Extremely Reliable Email Newsletter Powerhouse
A mature product at a very low price, you will be hard pressed to find another email newsletter software that can do so much so affordably. Many of the well thought out features are only available in large ESPs and not found in other self-hosted email software. We use it to send large scale email campaign out weekly and it has not failed us in terms of speed and reliability. It just works the way an email newsletter engine should.
Solutions Manager
Great product - great support
I have used NuevoMailer for a whole year now and would not like to go back to public cloud providers. The newsletter features are just great and I can choose that I like to do ie track or not track a campaign. Which gives me the full control on my newsletters and customers.
I would really recommend everyone who wants their own data on their own servers to use NuevoMailer as it easy to use and absolutely reliable. The functions are just awesome!
Thanks to the developer, the software stays up-to-date and I am looking forward to a continue business with NuevoMailer.

Stefanie Niemann
Owner of Steffi's Cloud
Steffi's Cloud | Stefanie Niemann
My chosen autoresponder
I've used NuevoMailer for years now, sometimes trying out other systems. It has most of the features I love and use daily and it can easily compete with high-priced hosted systems. You can segment your email list, sign up through email or forms, send clean text or HTML, and many, many more things.
Britt Malka
Mailing to a global audience with ease!!
Hello to ever reads this:
I have been using https://www.nuevomailer.com for only a short period but already finding it absolutely amazing in all aspects and very simple to use!.
Have you ever heard the saying 'even a blind man can do it'? well the fact is that I am completely blind and I find it very easy to use and the setup was aided by a fantastic support system and nothing ever seems too much trouble and I can recommend this systems to anyone who want a top end marketing software at the right price .

Nigel Pearcey
company owner
Ornamental World
Working with nuevo mailer
We have been working with nuevo mailer for more than 4 years and it matches our email marketing needs.
Great support too!

Fantastic Support and Product
I own https://www.shanemp.com and have used a variety of email programs which have all had problems. nuevoMailer is a huge relief to have. I've been in business for 16 years and can say this company has one of the best support staff. They are VERY detailed with responses and have helped tremendously.
Edward Shane
That makes a lot of sense!
I love this system you've made and i don't forsee trying to use any other. I am still learning how to use it and the more i learn, the more features i see.
Thank you for an awesome product and for being terrific at helping people like me figure things out without getting upset!

Après avoir essayez des applications open-source ou payante, aucunes d'elles ne donner pleinement satisfaction, comme le fait nuevoMailer.
Simplicité, efficacité, fluidité et aucun bug. Je recommande cet outil quo n ne peut vraiment pas comparer avec un autre.
Maintenant que nous avons nuevoMailer associe et Bounced Manager et Campaign Scheduler, c’est le jour et la nuit.

Awesome product, indeed!
After having tried some open-source applications or pay, no one gave satisfaction as nuevoMailer did. Regularity, efficiency, fluidity and no bug. We cannot compare this tool with another one. I really recommend this tool.
Now that we have nuevoMailer associated with Bounced Manager and Campaign Scheduler, it's like chalk and cheese.

Patrick Weber
nuevoMailer and Campaign Scheduler
nuevoMailer and Campaign Scheduler are robust tools for creating and managing email mailing lists and messages. The opt in and out functions are especially important in light of new anti-spam laws. The message design capabilities are excellent and there are numerous other well designed features that make this package an excellent value.

Most impressive is the outstanding level of support - fast, and effective. Even when faced with unusual hosting problems, nuevoMailer searched out the solution.

I'm very happy with nuevoMailer.

Bowescom Media
Nuevomail is great!
Just to congrat for your excellent tool. First newsletter send saturday.
Easy to parameter, powerfull. Switch from m*** to Nuevomail and am very very very happy.

Regards from Paris,


nuevoMailer is by far the BEST email marketing system available!
I have tried several email marketing systems (locally and remotely hosted, even with monthly subscription). nuevoMailer beats everything! This software has helped me massively grow my subscriber list and my business. There are more features than I have seen anywhere else and it is really easy to use. Also, if you ever have any questions you will get the fastest and most competent support on the planet. Highly recommended!
Logical, fast, reliable and excellent support
I have used nuevoMailer for the last 6 months to advertise our products to clients. We have a large database (over 2m subscribers) and the previous program we used simply couldn't cope with this volume. NeuvoMailer takes it all in its stride and is backed up by some of the best developer support I have ever received.
Save monthly emailing charges
I needed to build an administration system for a client with some unusual requirements. They wanted to move their emailing of events off of a commercial system but to include extra capabilities: they asked to be able to email everyone who had already registered for an event (e.g., reminder an hour before) and also to be able to send a reminder to those who had not yet registered (e.g. a week before without bothering those who had already signed up). Of course, they also needed the regular optin/optout Can-Spam capabilities. Instead of writing such a system from scratch, I was able to adapt NuevoMailer to satisfy all their needs. Its logical structure and support from the developer made it simple to add software-created filters to handle the additional requirements.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Nina Macdonald
NuevoMailer 3.00 + add ons
All the software suite was EXTREMELY easy to install and use.
And even when a little configuration problem occurred, concerning the bounce manager, I have received prompt assistance from the developers, that resolved the issue very quickly, explaining me what to change in the server configuration, to make it work.

Salvatore Savino
Art Director / Development Manager
DigitalFun S.R.L.
Nuevomailer is the perfect solution for our website, it's lightweight fully featured and is ideal for communicating with our 8000+ customers.
Best of all, customer support is excellent, fast and efficient

Mosh Pty Limited
Best Newsletter Manager Software
I have checked many demos of newsletter managers/mass mailers. I have bought non-working one. But never seen such robust, user friendly and feature reach software as nuevoMailer. Above all with a great support team that gives solutions immediately. Thank you DFS
Stavros Raptis
Kapsomenakis-Thermiotis OE
Excelente Herramienta, Excelente Soporte !!!
nuevoMailer. Una herramienta extremadamente facil de usar y de instalar, con un soporte excepcional. Un desarrollo de mucha calidad a un precio muy competitivo.
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