WordPress newsletter plugin

Better campaign insights
Understand your audience better

With our WordPress newsletter plugin you have detailed, multi-level real-time reports and informative interactive charts.

You have better insights of your email campaigns performance and how your audience interacts with your newsletters

Go further than clicks and opens. Compare campaigns, see subscriber distribution reports, list growth & trend reports, geolocation charts, opt-outs, bounces, complaints and many other reports.

Summary report
Targeted email campaigns
More targeted email campaigns

Perform mailing list segmentation based on campaign engagement (clicks, opens) or subscriber demographic data. Create segmentation filters for your email campaigns.

By segmenting your audience you create more targeted email campaigns and this means increased engagement and improved deliverability in the long run.

Increase engagement
Lower opt-outs and retain subscribers

With nuevoMailer WP you can ask subscribers to provide an opt-out reason before unsubscribing. You can define the opt-out reasons as you like. This helps you understand why subscribers are leaving you.

It also helps you in retaining subscribers by giving them an option to snooze (suspend emails) for some time instead of opting out. Learn how important this is.

Key benefits of self-hosted solutions
Opt-in form builder - Pop-up forms

No need to pay extra for a form builder or Pop-up forms since you have both in one WordPress newsletter plugin.

Using custom subscriber fields and the integrated form builder you can set your form fields as text boxes, check-boxes, radio buttons or drop-down lists and collect the subscriber information exactly the way you want.

Your forms have captcha and inline validation. You can link form actions to external systems using outbound webhooks / data posting) and create QR codes.

You have several options for displaying forms.

What does it take to install and use
Design responsive and highly personalized newsletters

With nuevoMailer WP you can personalize the subject, body, hyperlinks, preheader, greeting emails, landing pages and the Google analytics tags using your subscribers data.

nuevoMailer WP integrates with 3 popular drag n drop editors: Stripo, Bee, Unlayer and a standard WYSIWYG editor specifically customized for deigning newsletters.

Includes a templates manager, assets and attachments manager and a utility to import zipped templates (with images) designed in other editors.

Easy for starters
For starters and experts alike

nuevoMailer WP will empower both beginners and professionals in email marketing. Here is why:

It scales with your skills and experience. Although easy for email marketing noobs, becomes a power-tool for experts.

Features unfold progressively: as you use it more, you’ll discover additional capabilities.

Enjoy an intuitive administration panel deigned to give you a pleasant working experience and increase your productivity.

Summary report

nuevoMailer is ideal for
WP and WooCommerce hooks and triggers

It extends WordPress (and WooCommerce) with hooks and actions so you can automatically create subscribers from your WordPress users, blog authors and customers.

You can add a Subscribe me checkbox under in your blog's comment/posts forms. and in WooCommerce you can add the -Subscribe to our newsletter- checkbox in the checkout and product review forms.

You may use your existing WordPress database or a dedicated database (recommended for heavier loads).

nuevoMailer WP uses your existing WordPress theme which means that the newsletter archive, your opt-in forms and the subscriber landing pages and messages use your existing theme which results in a uniform visitor experience.

nuevoMailer design
Clear and transparent design

Clearly distinct key entities: Subscriber, Mailing list, Newsletter, Sender profile, Campaign.

Use any newsletter in any campaign with any selection / exclusion of lists.

A subscriber may belong in multiple lists. Double opt-in at list level.

Different sender profiles that can be used in different campaigns, autoresponders and opt-in forms.

Lower your email marketing costs
Choose any SMTP provider you want

Use the smtp service provided by your hosting company (most hosting plans allow 400-800 emails / hour) any popular SMTP (3rd party) service provider including (but no only) Amazon SES (api), MailGun (api), SendGrid (api), MailJet, Mandrill, Postmark, Brevo and others. Learn about sending methods and features.
Dedicated webhooks to capture bounces and complaints.

Ready to start?
  • One-time license fee. No monthly / recurring fees neither volume-based fees. You have total control.

  • ✔ Free installation from us if you like! Requirements are simple.

  • ✔ 30 day money back guarantee!

  • ✔ Take your email marketing to a higher level!

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What's new in v.10
If you have used or currently using similar tools you will be amazed with the features and capabilities you will discover in nuevoMailer WP.
nuevoMailer WP is a WordPress newsletter plugin that follows the development of nuevoMailer SB, an established email marketing tool. See what our customers have to say.
An endless set of features,
News log widget

Publish your news in your website. Can be used as changelog, roadmap, news chart or news bulletin. Click here to see it in action.

Autoresponders, drip email campaigns and more

Email triggers, Date-triggered campaigns, Recurring campaigns, Follow-up campaigns based on tracking or other events. Start different series of autoresponders based on different opt-in forms using different sender settings.

A/B split-test campaigns

Perform A/B/...X split-test campaigns (by rotating newsletters) and see performance charts.

Anniversary campaigns

Automate the sending of anniversary campaigns (e.g. birthdays, weddings) based on custom subscriber fields of type date.

Transactional emails

Send transactional emails directly from another CRM/CMS using the API.

Send-time optimization

Send your emails when your subscribers are most likely to engage (click or open). More on optimizing sending times.

Asynchronous sending

Send multiple campaigns asynchronously, in parallel in the background.

Outbound webhooks

Using outbound webhooks you can send/post subscriber and opt-in forms data, opt-outs, bounces, clicks and views to external systems.

Feedback loop

A major 3rd party smtp provider (like Amazon SES and other mentioned earlier) will also report complaints back to you and nuevoMailer will record them. With the Feedback loop process you can process complaints in case you are registered with a major ISP/ESP.

ChatGPT inside your admin panel

Get instant inspiration and tips about newsletter ideas, subject lines, general content and even coding tips (having an api key from OpenAI is necessary). Requires PHP 8.1+.

Administrator roles

Role-based administrator access. For example, newsletter editor, list manager, reports-only access etc.

Suppression list management

Also known as block list - ensures these subscribers will never get your emails.

Countdown timer

Fully customizable countdown timer to create urgency when needed.

Multi-threaded sending (plugin)

For high volume, time sensitive email campaigns. Boost your sending speed using multiple threads.

Integrations - RESTful API and Zapier app

nuevoMailer WP has a complete API for managing subscribers, lists and campaigns and a Zapier app.

Amazon SES/SNS ready

Send using Amazon SES. Configure Amazon SNS to process bounces and handle complaints.

Extensive newsletter personalization

Any part of the newsletter content can be personalized using your subscriber data.

Sender profiles

Multiple sender profiles work as different sender identities that can be used in campaigns, autoresponders or opt-in forms.

Conditional content

Send different content to different subscribers within the same newsletter/campaign based on subscribers properties.

Opt-out by email

Besides opt-out links subscribers can also opt-out by sending an email.

Opt-in by email

A prospect can sign-up by sending you an email.

List-unsubscribe header

A must-have feature in email marketing.

Importing subscribers from csv / txt

Import subscribers from CSV/TXT files with field mapping. CSV maps can be saved for quick loading.

Import from an external database

MS SQL and MySQL. Synchronize & automate imports from external databases using data sources.

Import opt-outs

Import opt-outs from other legacy systems. Useful if you are maintain an opt-out list in another system.

Google analytics

Campaign tracking with Google analytics. Made ss easy as it can possibly be.

Disabled and / or anonymous tracking

Set globally but also at campaign level. Anonymous tracking can still give you aggregate statistics.

Hourly, daily quotas

Can be set at Sender profiles and smtp servers. For campaigns you may also set a daily quota but also define which days and hours you want the campaign to run.

Prioritize by views

Your top viewers will be emailed first in the campaign.


nuevoMailer allows you to fully comply with all major anti-spam legislation around the world.

Campaigns that follow-up automatically...

with unresponsive subscribers. An autoresponder for non responders. See how.

Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart based on campaign clicks or views.
The total activity report
Timeline chart in your Welcome page with Clicks and Views over time.
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