nuevoMailer v.7.6

Performance & technical information

nuevoMailer handles large mailing lists with millions of subscribers

  • By performance we usually mean how fast the software can send and how fast it loads especially with large sets of data.
  • Installations managing around a few million subscribers are quite common among our customers.
  • However, if you plan to handle big mailing lists your overall environment must be optimized to cope with it and you will probably need the multi-threaded sending plugin.

Some key characteristics of nuevoMailer

  • Specifically optimized for mySQL so every database operation is done in the best possible way. You can also use MariaDB.
  • It supports 5 methods for sending emails: SMTP, PHP mail(), Sendmail (and PowerMTA). SMTP is the most versatile and powerful. The Sendmail uses the local mail transfer agent that is installed (Linux only). PHP mail() on Linux works like Sendmail. On Windows it uses SMTP. Takes the configuration from php.ini. On Linux the sendmail_path, on Windows the SMTP server & port.
  • PowerMTA pickup delivery support. PowerMTA is an enterprise grade infrastructure application for email built to address the challenges of critical digital messaging environments and customer communications. More.
  • You can use 3rd party and external SMTP providers such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, Sparkpost, MailGun or any other. This is particularly useful for cases where you are in shared hosting and your Host will not allow you to send bulk mail.
  • For Amazon SES you can use the api method or smtp. Both are supported.
  • You can use batches when you send. Sending in batches is highly recommended for two reasons. You put less strain on the server and so avoid potential time-outs and you improve deliverability.
  • For all sending methods you have throttling options so you can fine-tune your sending speed.
  • You may set-up multiple SMTP servers with load balancing and rotation.
    You can configure your SMTP servers to rotate with every new batch or allocate them evenly within a batch.
  • With SMTP you can have authentication, SSL and TLS connections and SMTP anti-flood. With the anti-flood you close & re-open the SMTP connection for x seconds after sending z emails. This is another great utility for improving deliverability. Many Hosts, ISPs and email service providers require you to do that.
  • You can attach custom email headers specific to an SMTP server.
  • PHP version: 5.4 or later. Fully functional with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.x.
  • mySQL greater than 5.2 or MariaDB. InnoDB support in both cases is required. Nowadays this is standard.

Key elements that affect performance

  • Web server (configuration, processing power, memory)
  • Database server (configuration, memory)
  • SMTP (MTA) configuration and power: this is one of the most critical elements because it largely affects the sending speed of your email campaigns.
  • Network latency which may be affected by the geographical distance of the communicating servers.

How fast can you send?

It depends on all the above factors. Anything from 2k/hour to 100k/hour is possible. If you use shared hosting you should ask your Host about how much/fast you can send per hour/day. nuevoMailer has all the required utilities and features to help you conform with your Host's policies.

Need to send faster?

Assuming your SMTP can handle heavy loads then you can multiply your sending speed with the multi-threaded sending plugin.
nuevoMailer v.7.6
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