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Technical info - System requirements

  • PHP: 5.4 or later. PHP 7.x is fine .
  • mySQL 5.2 or later. MariaDB is also fine. InnoDB support in both cases is required. Nowadays this is standard.
  • Linux or Windows servers and more. You can use nuevoMailer on any web server with PHP and mySQL.
  • This includes Linux servers, any Windows with IIS or Apache and PHP, Sun with Apache, Mac OS with Apache etc. NGINX is also fine.
  • Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting (Cloud servers, VPS etc).
  • The html newsletter editor of the administration panel works with any modern browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Visit the demo and try it. Your subscribers can use any browser or email client (including mobile devices) to subscribe/un-subscribe, view the on-line newsletters archive and privacy page and in general interact with you.
Bounce processing
  • Works with the IMAP protocol (for opening and reading the mailbox).
  • You can use it anywhere you use nuevoMailer. Also available for older releases.
  • Linux servers
  • The campaign scheduler of nuevoMailer is designed to use the cron feature of Linux servers (and other flavors of Unix-like operating systems like Mac OS X). If you are in shared hosting check whether you have cron access to create cron jobs. 99% of shared hosts offer this.
  • Windows shared hosting: hosting companies usually offer cron-like scheduling utilities that you can use. They are usually found in the control panel your Host provides. In Plesk for example it is called "Scheduled tasks"
  • Windows dedicated hosting: you can use the native "Task scheduler" or we can provide you an application that you install on the server and works as a Windows service. It works like cron, making requests to your nuevoMailer installation checking if there are any tasks for execution. This can also be installed on a different host and not necessarily where nuevoMailer is installed (even in your own PC).
Windows with SQL Server?
  • For a native Windows server mailing list manager running on SQL Server and MS Access have a look at Newsletter Manager Pro.
  • It is quite similar to nuevoMailer. Equally simple, fast and powerful. Runs on Windows with IIS. Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting.

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