nuevoMailer SB v.8.6

Technical info - System requirements

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  • Latest nuevoMailer SB/MB v.8.6 works with PHP: 5.4 - PHP 8.
  • nuevoMailer SB/MB v.8.5 works with PHP: 5.4 - PHP 7.4.
  • nuevoMailer ESP v.3 work with PHP: 5.4 - PHP 7.4.
  • nuevoMailer SB/MB versions up to v.8.1 and ESP v.2 work with PHP: 5.4 to 7.3.
  • mySQL 5.2 or later. MariaDB is also fine. InnoDB support in both cases is required. Nowadays this is standard.
  • Linux or Windows servers and more. You can use nuevoMailer on any web server with PHP and mySQL.
  • This includes Linux servers, any Windows with IIS or Apache and PHP, Mac OS with Apache etc. NGINX is also fine.
  • Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting (Cloud servers, VPS etc).

Bounce processing

  • Works with the IMAP protocol (for opening and reading the mailbox).
  • You can use it anywhere you use nuevoMailer.

Campaign scheduling

  • Linux servers
  • The campaign scheduler of nuevoMailer is designed to use the cron feature of Linux servers (and other flavors of Unix-like operating systems like Mac OS X). If you are in shared hosting check whether you have cron access to create cron jobs. 99% of shared hosts offer this.
  • Windows shared hosting: hosting companies usually offer cron-like scheduling utilities that you can use. They are usually found in the control panel your Host provides. In Plesk for example it is called "Scheduled tasks"
  • Windows dedicated hosting: you can use the native "Task scheduler" or we can provide you an application that you install on the server and works as a Windows service. It works like cron, making requests to your nuevoMailer installation checking if there are any tasks for execution. This can also be installed on a different host and not necessarily where nuevoMailer is installed (even in your own PC).
Windows with SQL Server?
  • For a native Windows server mailing list manager running on SQL Server and MS Access have a look at Newsletter Manager Pro.
  • It is quite similar to nuevoMailer. Equally simple, fast and powerful. Runs on Windows with IIS. Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting.
nuevoMailer SB v.8.6
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