nuevoMailer SB/MB - May 29, 2024
Major general features
  • A new interface. The menu moved to the left side and can be pinned or hidden. This new approach is also much more pleasant when using a tablet.
  • Night mode and skins. You can create your own color theme and it will not be overwritten by future updates.
  • Clone a trigger or edit it and assign it to a different campaign, list, newsletter or hyperlink.
  • Global triggers based on click or open which are not tied to a specific campaign, list, newsletter or hyperlink. Useful for emptying out dormant lists.
  • Advanced search new options:
    - Find subscribers who belong to some lists but not in others.
    - Find subscribers who clicked (or not) one or more specific links.
  • Embedded images also when sending a page by URL, using an html file from your templates.
  • Send a single campaign (or autoresponder) email to a subscriber. In this way you can see the message fully rendered exactly as if it was in a campaign. Not just for testing; this action updates also your campaign reports.
  • SMTP2GO webhook endpoint for processing bounces and complaints when using this provider.
  • The "Return to website" that appears under the "Opt-out reasons" can be different for each sender profile.
  • Implemented the List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click header according to rfc8058. This addresses the problem where email scanners follow every link in a newsletter including the list-unsubscribe-header link which would cause an accidental opt-out.
  • Improved the extraction of zipped newsletter templates. Having your images in an images folder is no longer necessary. The images paths can be anything. The extraction will place all images in the assets folder and adjust images paths automatically.
  • Improved the calculation of all views and all clicks ratios. The reason for this is that several ESPs tend to scan newsletters and follow the links multiple times. Clicks or opens that happen from the same subscriber on exactly the same second are now counted as one.
  • The Email clients chart was updated. It reports separately the Mozilla/5.0 user agent which to a large extent results from Apple's Mail Privacy Protection.
  • Added calendars for selecting start-end dates in the ip-based geolocation maps. Both maps, city and countries were updated.
  • Added complaints & bounces in the Trend chart that you have in your Home page.
  • Many other productivity improvements that you will experience and enjoy after upgrading.
Opt-in forms received a major update in v.10.1
You have a new interface for building forms and many new options for integrating them with a short explanation about what works, where and why. More specifically,
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 added as option.
  • Redesigned the built-in captcha to use partitioned cookies. This addresses the coming 3rd party cookie restrictions which Chrome has already started to apply. This is especially useful when forms are placed in a different domain from the nuevoMailer installation domain.
  • Rate limiter in form submissions. You can stop multiple repeat submissions from the same IP address (time frame & number of attempts defined by you).
  • You have a failed form submissions log along with the blocking reason.
  • Pop-up forms: the code is presented to you, ready to test, and copy-paste.
  • Added option to disable an opt-in form if you need to do so for any reason.
  • You can add a background image to your forms using the assets manager when you create or edit the form.
Subscribers and Mailing lists
  • Your subscribers and mailing lists pages received a total redesign and you will experience faster loading and visual improvements when sorting records.
  • Added a "quick search" box in both pages that instantly highlights the matching search results.
  • In CSV exports you can now choose which subscriber fields you want to include.
  • Update list preferences opt-out link. This is not actually an opt-out but instead redirects the subscriber to a page where one can select only mailing lists. It is similar to the "Subscriber portal". Here is how it looks.
  • Manually create a "list opt-out" for a specific list in the subscriber profile editing page.
  • You can pass the IP-subscribed when using the api.

10.0 new features

nuevoMailer SB/MB - February 1, 2024
nuevoMailer WP - April 12, 2024
Major new features
  • Send-Time optimization
    Send your newsletters when a subscriber is most likely to click or open. Requires the multi-threaded sending plugin in order to time-tune a campaign but you can still collect related subscriber data. Learn more or read about its benefits.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT integration.
    Inside nuevoMailer admin panel just enter your own api key and start using it. Organize your chats by topic. Complete message history exchanged in order to maintain context.
  • Conditional content blocks builder
    Much easier to build blocks with IF/ELSE conditions based on subscriber fields. You can now use date fields as well and you have new options like "contains", "starts with", "ends with". You can also save these blocks. See the docs.
  • Autoresponder improvements
    New autoresponders based on last click/open.
    Autoresponders based on X days after are sent in batches and exactly at the activation hour/minute you define. E.g. always at 9:30 am.
    No changes for autoresponders based on X minutes/hours after which are sent without batches.
  • For the List-unsubscribe header besides the list opt-out and global opt-out actions, you now have a new option: suppress subscriber.
  • Advanced search
    Added AND/OR operators for mailing lists, subscriber tags and campaigns.
    Extended the search in subscriber tags for both having and not having a tag.
    Added also a new option to tag/un-tag the whole subscriber segment found in the search results.
  • For triggers based on click or open you now have a condition on the number of times opened/clicked. For example, you can specify that the trigger will execute after 3 clicks or after 2 opens and not from the first time.
Other notable improvements and features (v.10.0)
  • You can add a preheader also when sending a page using the URL.
  • Fallback text when the countdown timer expires (instead of 00:00:00 which is the default if you don't use a fallback text).
  • Campaign completed webhook. When a campaign finishes a function is called. You can use this call to retrieve and share campaign data using an existing outbound webhook. It is not used by default. We include sample code and examples for those who want to use it.
  • Filter newsletters by tag (reloads instantly) when creating a campaign or an autoresponder. Very handy!
  • Maximum error threshold. Email sending may generate smtp or similar protocol errors. You can use this setting to automatically pause a campaign when this threshold is exceeded (like 5%).
  • The page with the Opt-out reasons that the subscriber sees was redesigned using radio buttons and added a link to your website.
  • Quick search: search by subscriber ID and campaign ID. Refined the search for autoresponders and campaigns.
  • Added a new editor option, Content blocks for quickly inserting content (your logo, RSS feed, countdown timer etc). The same button also opens the conditional content block builder.
Reporting features (v.10.0)
  • The Recent subscriber activity report in your Welcome page now depicts better the different types of opt-out (global, suppression, snooze etc).
  • Separated the tags for campaigns and autoresponders. You now have different options for each. They are automatically copied when you upgrade.
  • Subscribers aggregate report for a hyperlink (across all campaigns).
  • Filter campaigns in the Top 10 campaigns report by tag and dates.
  • Custom campaign reports (aggregate & comparison) can also be filtered by campaign tags.
  • Most active days and hours charts can be filtered by mailing list (or all).
  • Added a filter by Sender profile in your campaigns page.
  • The campaign tags filter was also added at the Clicks report.
The News log also received new features (v.10.0)
  • Added rating scores in your admin panel News log page.
  • Added the date-time picker in the quick edit pop-up.
  • Added meta tags specifically for the news log page: title, keywords and description.

9.9 new features

nuevoMailer SB/MB - September 20, 2023
nuevoMailer WP - October 15, 2023
Major new features
  • New api sending methods and webhook endpoints (to record deliveries, bounces and complaints) for these providers: Mandrill, Postmark, Mailjet, Mailersend, Brevo. (*)
  • Define sending domains to be used for DKIM-signing. DKIM-signing is now a built-in feature. Learn more. (*)
  • Sender profiles hourly and daily quotas and a Total sent counter. Similarly to the smtp servers you can set at which hour the daily quota starts to count.
  • A new type of opt-out link that suppresses the subscriber. Can be a handy alternative to global opt-out when you want to keep all subscriber history.
  • New rate limiting / throttling mechanism (for non smtp methods).
  • New field for mailing lists: Short description. Used in the subscriber portal and opt-in forms. With this, you can optionally display a short description to the subscriber and use the larger description field for your own notes.
  • Load, update or add a subscriber directly from your CRM/CMS or shopping cart using your apiKey. See details.
  • For nuevoMailer SB/MB PHP 8.1 or later is required.. For nuevoMailer WP PHP 7.2 or later.
  • (*) Not in nuevoMailer WP. See why.
The News log was extensively updated
  • You can load the news log as a sidebar widget in your own website (but still/also as a standalone page.
  • News log entries are now managed separately from the html newsletters which gives a cleaner and more focused interface.
  • You also have new Tags specific for the news log plus a calendar with months. Your visitors can use these for filtering.
  • A new social share popup menu and (optional) rating emoticons.
Productivity enhancements
  • Added default campaign tag (like the one for newsletters).
  • You can edit an smtp server from the sender profiles page and edit a sender profile from the smtp servers page. So no need to change pages.
  • Choose the subscriber fields you want to see in your reports directly from your subscribers page.
  • Added also the preheader field in the newsletter quick edit pop-up.
  • Countdown timer was added in the templates of the WYSIWYG html editor so you can quickly get the code.
  • The Quick search also extended to opt-outs.
  • For the Amazon SES api you have a utility that retrieves your sending history and other related data provided by Amazon (delivery attempts, bounces, complaints, rejects).
  • For sender profiles that use an api sending method you have an email test utility (like you have for smtp servers).
  • When you create or edit a newsletter starting with a Tag filter applied (newsletters page), after you save and exit, the Tag filter will continue to apply (newsletters page) and it will override the default newsletter tag.
New API methods
  • GET links clicked by campaign or newsletter.
  • GET subscribers by link clicked by a campaign or newsletter.
  • Create campaign with POST. Added these parameters: sendHours, sendDays, tagsFilter, tagsFilterOPR, isQueued, xLists, doNotTrackCampaign, anonymousTracking.
  • Create a Multi-threaded campaign with a POST.
  • New parameter when doing a subscriber POST: check_optouts. If set, it will check for list and global opt-outs and will not add the subscriber. So it is similar to the opt-outs filter when you manually import subscribers.
  • New parameter when doing a subscriber POST: remove_tags. Until now you could only add Tags.
Other improvements and fixes
  • In opt-ins, the outbound webhook (defined in the opt-in form) will now trigger also for existing subscribers and will send you all subscriber details (complete record).
  • New setting to allow (or not) subscribers to change their email address inside the subscriber portal.
  • The Latest activity chart in your welcome page will only show the time for today’s activity.
  • Added option to switch the interface between rtl - ltr.
  • Changed to px (from pt) the WYSIWYG html editor font size list.
  • Added the ID in subscriber quick search results.
  • Fix: subscriber tags are now updated when syncing from an external data source (database).
  • Fix: when you create a follow-up campaign the field parent will now take its parent value.

9.8 new features

nuevoMailer SB/MB/WP - June 19, 2023
  • Stripo drag 'n drop editor
    The Stripo editor plugin is now available also in nuevoMailer SB/WP. Seamlessly integrated so you can design, save and edit your newsletters.
  • Countdown timer
    Create urgency using a countdown timer. Flexible and configurable (font, colors, size etc) as well as option to set presets (defaults).
  • A/B split-test report updated. Shows also opt-outs by newsletter.
  • Advanced search enhancements
    A new option to add subscribers (from the search results) to an existing list.
    A new filtering option by clicks & views: clicked/opened (or not) in the last X days.
  • A new option when creating a campaign  or an autoresponder: subscribers not having specific tags.
  • Snooze emails
    Instead of unsubscribing a subscriber can choose to postpone emails for some time. Check the docs for details.
  • Opt-out reasons can be set differently for each sender profile.
  • Improved the images/assets manager. You can browse contents in sub-directories and create new directories.
  • Added a Quick edit pop-up for newsletter subject, tags, memo (like the one for campaigns).
  • Added a new webhook/endpoint for so you can capture bounces, complaints and deliveries when using this smtp service.
  • Updated the Sendgrid webhook to capture events of type “dropped”.
  • Conditional content: added [not_tag_X].....[end_tag]. Content will show only to subscribers that do not have tag X. More.
  • In subscriber landing pages the Sender profile From-name will show as page title (vs the General title meta tag).
  • Added a public/hidden indication for mailings lists in the page where you edit a subscriber.
  • In various statistics reports it will show the IP address when not using geolocation.
  • How to upgrade.

9.7 new features

February 2023
  • News log
    Also known as changelog or news chart/bulletin.
    This is similar to the newsletter archive but with a different layout. You can choose which newsletters will appear in the log and by setting a "Publish date/time" they will appear chronologically ordered.
    Setting a future publish date is possible. The newsletter will not show in the log until then. See it here.
    The newsletter archive was also redesigned and improved
  • Improvements for triggers
    New trigger action: on-list-confirm. Fires after the subscriber confirms his opt-in for one or more lists after using an opt-in form.
    Until now only "global opt-out" links were possible for triggered emails. Now you can also use "list opt-out" and redirect to "Subscriber portal".
    Better tracking for triggered emails with a click/open indicator.
    You can now also send text newsletters as trigger emails.
  • The “Campaign completed” email that is sent to administrators includes a link to shared summary report and the html newsletter attached.
  • When creating a campaign, you see an instant subscriber count when selecting lists, tags, filters and other options (no need to click 'Count').
  • Added "Save and exit" directly for newly created newsletters.
  • Removed the maximum number of fields that appear in the subscribers tables. You can select as many as you like.
  • New API option for campaigns: added Tags filter and AND/OR option.
  • New API method to get a list of opt-outs over a specific period.
  • Added a filter for hard/soft in the bounces report.
  • Quick search: added option for case sensitive search and also option to search in mailing lists.
  • Redirection URLs (welcome, goodbye etc) in Sender profile settings can be personalized with subscriber data. E.g. ...?email=[sub_email].
  • Amazon SNS for bounces processing: added option to ignore "transient" bounces that have sub-type "general". By default, it ignores them. You can change this in /inc/classUtil.php.
  • The + sign in emails is now allowed in the opt-in process.
  • Cloning a newsletter also clones the preheader.
  • Assets manager file browser improved functionality with sub-directories browsing.
  • Added "Clone a data source".
  • The email alert from the data source (external database) synchronization cron job is sent to the administrator whose api key is used if "email alerts" is checked for this administrator.
  • Timeline chart: added date from/until. Handy for autoresponders since the time frame is quite extensive.
  • The "Forward to your friends" link is now encrypted.

9.6 new features

September 2022
  • Two-factor authentication further improved with an additional method: Time-based-one-time-password codes (TOTP) generated using your smartphone's 2FA authenticator app. Several apps are compatible. Learn more at the User's guide.
  • Easily add a Preheader to your emails without code editing. Like this.
  • Create opt-in forms QR codes so you can use them in other (printed) media. Example.
  • New setting: hard bounces & complaints threshold. If this threshold is reached the campaign pauses and the administrator gets an email alert.
  • When creating a campaign using the "Send web page method" you have a button to open the templates manager to upload or select the html file you want.
  • When you create a campaign/autoresponder you have a new option to exclude bulk-imported emails from the administrator. Until now you could do this using filters. This is very handy particularly with autoresponders. Learn more at the User's guide.
  • Extended newsletter "Quick Search" also to body (besides subject and tags).
  • Added a dropdown menu in your snapshots report to filter them based on period (3, 6, 12 months). This facilitates comparison.
  • Added CSV exporting for all Advanced Search results.
  • Added opt-out city and country in opt-outs CSV export
  • When you CSV export a list or all your subscribers you now have a new option to exclude suppressed ones.
  • Extended the Advanced Search with a new option to choose campaigns. Using this you can view and csv export campaign participants.
  • A refinement regarding Public vs Private/Hidden newsletters. A hidden newsletter although not visible in the newsletter archive it can be seen when clicking the smart link to "Read this in your browser".
  • Added new date merge-tag in newsletters: Month DD, YYYY (December 11, 2022)
  • Removed password mapping from the external database import. Since subscribers passwords are encrypted and they are only used internally in nuevoMailer (to log in to the subscriber portal), there is no point to import values into these.
    If for some reason you want to import passwords from your legacy database you can map them to another text field.
  • Many reports and charts were refined and improved.
  • Several libraries were updated.

9.5 new features

May 2022
  • A major change in v.9.5 is that Custom list settings were replaced by Sender profiles. These are like different sender identities with their own set of settings that can apply to your campaigns, autoresponders and opt-in forms.
    Double opt-in although defined at the Sender profile is still independent for each list.
  • New WYSIWYG Html editor extended with all the special features you are accustomed to use. It fixes some problems when importing zip templates from Stripo and BeePro.
  • Drag 'n drop editors: we added the Unlayer editor and updated the Bee editor. In both you can now reload your content and continue designing.
  • Form styling: the opt-in form builder was improved so you can style your forms. Set colors, font sizes and background for each form.
  • Added some new special smart tags for custom subscriber fields of date type. For example display the date one month after the subscriber's birthday: D%[birth_day]+1m%D.
  • CSV maps. When you do a csv import you can save your mapping and other options so you can reload them next time.
  • You can now use your own URL to your Privacy page. It can also be used in this way: since v.9 the link to "Your privacy policy/page" in an opt-in form becomes an obligatory/required checkbox.
  • Added some additional settings for stricter GDPR compliance: you can automatically erase all emails from Opt-outs, Complaints and Send log (using a cron job).
  • Email trigger updated: when you trigger a newsletter based on list opt-in you can select if you want to target confirmed or not (or all) subscribers.
  • Updated to the latest SendGrid api.
  • Minimum PHP version is now 7.2 (or 7.4 if you use the SendGrid api).
  • Many interface visual and productivity improvements.
New in reporting
  • Overall performance & List health report in your welcome page. Shows some key metrics across all campaigns and lists.
    You can capture snapshots and compare them to see your campaigns performance and overall subscriber engagement across time.
  • Full reporting on Autoresponders: summary with key metrics, links & clicks, timeline & email clients charts.
  • The newsletter ABC split-test chart now shows open rate and click-through rate (instead of total opens and clicks).
  • Clicks to opens rate (CTOR) is now calculated a bit differently. It shows what percentage of those who opened the newsletter also clicked at least one link. So it focuses on subscribers who took both actions.
  • IP geolocation extended (if you enable it). The following are recorded:
    Click/open city and country.
    Opt-in/-out city & country. 
    You can do an advanced search and create segmentation filters (or lists) using the above.
    Existing customers have migration scripts to translate IPs to cities and countries.
And many more
  • Added Starts with & Ends with in the filtering operators when doing an advanced search.
  • The Subscriber portal was updated.
  • The Mail delivery information field in your subscriber profile now resets upon click/open.
  • All follow-up options (new campaign, list, filter) were merged under the Summary reports.
  • New setting to include a link to the online version when the html content is blocked. Until now it was included by default.
  • The webhooks for Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid & Mailjet do not automatically create an opt-out anymore (when you have a hard bounce or a complaint).
    The same applies for all bounces processing methods.
    Instead you can use the automatic suppression thresholds to isolate these subscribers and keep your lists clean.
    This change was necessary to have a clearer reporting picture on real opt-outs from subscribers.
  • New Api v.7 and an updated Zapier app.
  • Check the new demo.

9.0 new features

January 2022
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for administrator login. A pin code is sent by email. Pin codes expire and are not reusable.
  • Encryption:
    v.9 encrypts also subscriber passwords and all other passwords related to smtp, bounce servers etc.
  • The administrator password reminder utility now uses captcha to prevent abuse.
  • New sending methods
    MailGun & SendGrid APIs (smtp was already supported).
  • New webhook to process bounces when using MailJet smtp.
  • Set which hour of the day the smtp daily count starts/resets.
  • Extended the activity log table to record separately campaign id and subscriber email. This enables you to create a new list with emails that generated smtp errors and resend to them.
New in reporting
  • Weekly campaign summary and list growth reports emailed to administrators.
  • Disable tracking as option at campaign level. Clicks & views are not recorded.
  • Anonymous tracking as option at campaign level.
    With anonymous tracking you will see Total but not Unique ratios. Only total clicks per link are reported.
    Emails clients and Geolocation reports are not affected.
    Bounces, Complaints and Opt-outs will work normally.
    Triggers will not fire.
  • Summary report now shows hard & soft bounces separately.
  • In Autoresponders, the "Total sent" is clickable and shows the subscribers the autoresponder was sent to.
  • Trigger reaction "send newsletter” is clickable and links to the "subscriber-campaign log" to see who/when was emailed.
  • Breakdown by "Desktop & Mobile clients” added in the email clients report.
  • New geolocation chart in your summary report: subscribers by country using IP location. Requires GeoLite2 Free Database from MaxMind.
  • New Welcome page report with latest subscriber activity (clicks, views, opt-outs, opt-ins etc).
  • New "Delivered" indicator in reports for sending methods that support it (Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun using the same webhooks).
  • Updated, refined and more beautiful charts.
Multi-threaded campaigns
  • Filters & some other options are now disabled when editing an m/t campaign that has started. But sending Hours/Days can be changed.
  • When count returns 0 you cannot create an m/t campaign.
  • Clone option added also for m/t campaigns.
And a lot more!
  • Seriously faster loading!
  • A new api v.6 with minor improvements and new Zapier app for this api version.
  • Advanced bounces cleaning and un-suppress utility. With this utility you can un-bounce and un-suppress subscribers using very specific criteria related to the bounce reason.
  • When adding the link to "your privacy policy/page" in an opt-in form this becomes an obligatory/required checkbox. So now you don't need to use a custom subscriber field as explained here.
  • The Opt-in by email process now fires the "list opt-in" trigger/reaction. In addition it automatically un-suppresses the subscriber.
  • Excluding lists option added also for autoresponders when selecting the target list.
  • Improved opt-in form validation.
  • Improved date formatting. In newsletters when you display the value of a custom subscriber field of type Date, it will take the date-time format defined in your settings (and can be further overridden if you wish so).
  • Added a new US date-time format with seconds.
  • Subscriber tags are fully updated when importing CSV or using other bulk import methods.
  • Added a checkbox in subscriber editing page to quickly check all mailing lists.
  • You can CSV-export your suppression list directly.
  • Added a direct link to CSV-export a list in your lists page.
  • New meta-tag used as title for various pages. Until now the Sender name was used.
  • Added dates period selection in Top 10 campaigns report.
  • Regenerate subscriber passwords utility.
  • Fixed a CSV-export bug when using a delimiter other than comma.
    Added also more subscriber fields in the exported file (besides the custom ones).
  • Check the new demo.

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There is no loss of data when upgrading.
When you upgrade you keep the same database and you are provided with upgrade scripts (for all older versions!) so you can keep all your existing data.

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