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Email autoresponders & action triggers

One of the most advanced and yet simple to use email autoresponder software systems that will tremendously amplify your email marketing processes.

  • nuevoMailer email autoresponder system enables you to create drip email campaigns and trigger emails based on subscriber activity with a rich combination of features and options.
  • Being self-hosted, it is installed along your website and can synchronize/import data from your existing databases.
  • You can see reports on your autoresponder emails (just like your regular email campaigns) and who/when was emailed.

What are email autoresponders

Email autoresponders are a series of time-based automated emails scheduled to be sent in the order, time and frequency you want or triggered automatically based on subscriber activity.
Usually the terms Drip campaigns and Email autoresponder campaigns are used interchangeably. That's because by setting a series of autoresponder emails you are in fact making a drip campaign.

Frequent uses of email autoresponders - Drip campaign examples

Drip campaigns is a very smart email marketing tactic. Here are some of the most common uses.
  • When a website visitor signs-up to your mailing list and you want to follow-up with a series of automated emails several minutes, hours or days later.
  • When you want to deliver an email course over a period of time. For example, each email will cover one topic and they will be sent automatically on schedule.
  • Anniversary emails such as in weddings, birthdays etc. Since nuevoMailer enables you to collect and save dates related data from your subscribers you can send anniversary emails before or after the event date.
  • After a customer buys your product and you want to follow-up several days later with an after-sales email. Similarly, you can use autoresponder emails for upselling and cross-selling.
  • When a subscriber did not have any activity (clicks, opens) for some time.
Mailing lists
Autoresponder based on list-sign-up. You can create several autoresponders to greet your subscribers with the content and frequency you want
Mailing lists
Autoresponder based on birthday. The options are slightly different here since you can send before, after and on same day

A couple of real world examples

Debbie has a website where she sells tutorials, recipes and advice on cooking.
Each time she closes a sale she feeds the lead to Zapier which by using the nuevoMailer Zapier app creates a new subscriber and assigns him to a mailing list in nuevoMailer.
For this mailing list she set up a series of 6 autoresponder campaigns to be sent in the coming weeks (once a week).
Joe has a Beauty salon. He uses his own CRM to record customer visits and plan future visits.
He created an external database connection in nuevoMailer, scheduled it to run overnight, pull data from his CRM and sync it with nuevoMailer.
He created a custom subscriber date field as "Next visit". Then he set up two autoresponder emails to be sent one week and two days before to remind his customers about their next visit.

Action triggers

Action triggers are build on the concept of action-reaction. See options in the table below.

Such actions are:

  • Campaign/Autoresponder click/view
  • Campaign/Autoresponder email sent
  • Newsletter click/view
  • Link click
  • List opt-in (see email autoresponders)
  • List confirm

Possible reactions are:

  • Send an email/newsletter (email triggers)
  • Add / remove the subscriber from other list(s)
  • Update a subscriber field
  • Tag/Un-tag a subscriber
  • Execute an outbound webhook
  • Any combination of all the above

Trigger options

Trigger actions and reactions
Following-up with an email trigger.
Following-up with a single email trigger upon Campaign-View/Open
Setting triggers
You can set triggers for all types of campaigns (incl autoresponders), newsletters, list and hyperlinks
Mailing lists
Campaign trigger that updates a subscriber field

Trigger options in detail

Update subscriber field
Tag / Un-tag subscriber
Send a newsletter
(email trigger)
Add to / Remove from list(s) Execute an outbound webhook Applies to
On campaign/autoresponder click/view A specific campaign (or auto-responder). In case of recurring campaigns the triggers are inherited to the children.
On campaign/autoresponder email sent A specific campaign (or auto-responder). In case of recurring campaigns the triggers are inherited to the children.
On a specific hyperlink Any newsletter or campaign when this link is clicked.
On newsletter click/view A specific newsletter across all campaigns that use it (for all hyperlinks in the newsletter).
On list confirm
After clicking the confirmation link
It triggers after the subscriber clicks the confirmation link in the "Please confirm" email when double opt-in is active for the Sender profile that was used.
On list opt-in
Opt-in forms & api
Opt-ins using forms & opt-ins using the api.
For triggering emails based on list sign-up date you can alternatively do it with an autoresponder campaign. See next option.
Using a subscriber field of type date or the list sign-up date - ✔ By creating autoresponder campaigns. - -
A campaign/newsletter "view" is captured when the subscriber allows images to display when reading the newsletter (the same applies to a campaign view).

Good to know

  • You can set triggers on the autoresponder campaigns just like you do with your regular campaigns.
  • First define your email marketing goals and objectives and then set up your email autoresponders and triggers accordingly.
  • Do not overdo it. For example, there is no reason to set the same triggers both at newsletter level and campaign level if you plan to use this newsletter only in this campaign.
  • If needed, you can exclude subscribers that you manually add or import as administrator (vs subscribed with opt-in forms).

A couple of ideas,

Autoresponder campaign and mailing list segmentation with triggers

  1. Using the form builder create an opt-in form (which puts the subscriber to one or more lists).
  2. Set up some autoresponder campaigns for this list: 20 min later, 1 hour later, next day and so on.
  3. The objective is to get the subscriber to click a specific link (or any link). So you create a trigger for the link(s) you want.
  4. When the subscriber clicks the link, the trigger removes the subscriber from that list and puts him in another "warmer" list.

A drip email campaign based on triggers

  1. This is a more selective, focused and targeted way of drip email marketing. Where every next email depends on the subscriber's engagement.
  2. With the form builder you create an opt-in form which puts the subscriber to a list.
  3. You create a trigger either for the welcome email that is sent automatically or the landing page.
  4. Then you plan the next emails using triggers. You will create email triggers on all the newsletters you plan to use. Clicked? Opened? Send another newsletter. Clicked again? Continue following up.
  5. And a step further: in addition you may also set up an email autoresponder campaign on this list to be sent several days after the sign-up.
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