nuevoMailer SB v.9.0

Application areas

For targeted email marketing, email list building, email autoresponders, email campaigns, bulk mailing or simply email blasts.
  • nuevoMailer is an email marketing tool that can fully support you in permission-based email marketing.
  • It includes many segmentation, filtering and follow-up utilities enabling you to engage in more focused and targeted email marketing.
  • From mailing list management to sending, analyzing and tracking email campaigns, nuevoMailer helps you in every step of your email marketing strategy.
  • It is suitable for all businesses, non-profit organizations or individuals who want to set-up their own in-house, self-managed, self-hosted, mailing list management tool.
  • For starters who have a website and they want to put sign-up forms and start building their own legitimate mailing list.
  • For the professional email marketeer: who sends newsletters for lead generation, or sends on behalf of his customers and needs detailed email campaign analytics and provide reports-only access to his customers (example).
  • For anyone who wants to engage in periodical or occasional communication with a group of contacts via email in order to announce, inform, call to action, educate or do business.
  • Can also be deployed in intranets for distributing important news within organizations.
  • You purchase your own licensed copy to install on your own server and use as often and as much as you like. Which means that you only pay once. It is not provided as a service. .

For ESPs

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nuevoMailer SB v.9.0
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