nuevoMailer WP v.10.0

WordPress email marketing plugin

nuevoMailer WP is a special build of nuevoMailer to be used as a WordPress Email marketing plugin.

What's new in v.10.0? (April 2024)
You can read here about the new features in v.10.0.
Please note that ChatGPT requires PHP v.8.1 or later.
nuevoMailer WP has been tested with PHP 7.4 up to 8.3.
We still haven't enforced PHP 8.1 as minimum required version because a great number of WordPress users still use older PHP versions. Because of this some api sending methods and dkim signing are still not available. You can read details in the next paragraph.
But since this is a fresh update you will find also,
- Google reCAPTCHA v3 & copy-paste, ready to use code for pop-up forms.
- Background image in opt-in forms.
- An active/inactive flag for opt-in forms.
- New webhook endpoints for Mailersend, Mandrill, Postmark, Brevo, smtp2Go.
- Clone triggers and assign them to other campaigns, lists, newsletters.
- WooCommerce: add a -Subscribe me- checkbox in the checkout form.


  • With nuevoMailer WP plugin you have an all-in-one email marketing solution for your WordPress blog or website.
  • It includes all features of nuevoMailer SB except the following:
    • Subscriber Portal
    • Mandrill, Postmark, Mailjet, Mailersend, Brevo api sending methods.
    • Sending domains to be used for DKIM-signing.
    • The reason we excluded the last two features is because the minimum PHP version required is PHP 8.1 and this may be inconvenient for many WordPress users.
  • It extends WordPress (and WooCommerce) with hooks and actions so you can automatically create subscribers from your WordPress users, blog authors and customers.
  • You can add a Subscribe me checkbox under in your blog's comment/posts forms.
  • For WooCommerce you can add the -Subscribe to our newsletter- checkbox in the checkout and product review forms.
  • Contrary to other similar WordPress email marketing plugins, it does not interfere or modify your existing WordPress tables.
  • It can use your existing WordPress database or a dedicated database (recommended for heavier loads).
  • It uses your existing WordPress theme. This means that the newsletter archive, your opt-in forms and the subscriber landing pages and messages use your existing theme which results in a consistent brand identity and better subscriber experience.
nuevoMailer in Wordpress
nuevoMailer in WordPress

Why use nuevoMailer email marketing plugin for WordPress?

And why WordPress users should consider it.

What drove the development of this plugin was that many of our customers use WordPress and would prefer an integrated solution with a single login.

  • Single login within your WordPress panel simplifies administration and management.
  • Integrated as a WordPress plugin will help you streamline and focus your marketing effort.
  • Using hooks and actions, it is tightly coupled with native WordPress features and processes.
  • It is based on nuevoMailer a stable, feature rich email marketing software with continuous development.
  • Easy to start and loaded with documentation.
  • No recurring fees!. One time cost.
  • You have complete control of your data.
Field mapping
Field mapping
Add user to a Mailing list based on Role
Add user to a Mailing list based on Role
Subscribe me checkbox
Add a "Subscribe me" checkbox in blog comment forms

Also using WooCommerce?

nuevoMailer WP can be a very powerful email marketing plugin also for WooCommerce.
Product review forms
In case of WooCommerce the "Subscribe me" checkbox may appear in product review forms
Subscribe me with a product review
The "Subscribe me" checkbox in a product review form

WooCommerce hooks and triggers on order status changes

This triggering system gives you many options for tagging customers, send follow-up emails, move to different lists based on order status and more.
It enables you to cover all possible order status transitions so you can fine-tune it based on your order management processes.
WooCommerce hooks and triggers
Based on the nuevoMailer existing triggers system provides you many options for customer management, segmentation and follow-up
See also how you can import and segment your WooCommerce customers.
nuevoMailer WP v.10.0
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