nuevoMailer WP v.9.8

nuevoMailer as a WordPress plugin for email marketing

nuevoMailer WP is a special build of nuevoMailer that is loaded as a WordPress plugin.


  • With nuevoMailer WP you can have an all-in-one email marketing solution for your WordPress blog or site.
  • It includes all features of nuevoMailer SB (except the Subscriber Portal).
  • It extends WordPress (and WooCommerce) with hooks and actions so you can automatically create subscribers from your WordPress users, blog authors and customers.
  • You can add a Subscribe me checkbox under in your blog's comment/posts forms.
  • Contrary to other similar plugins for email marketing, it does not interfere or modify your existing WordPress tables.
  • It can use your existing WordPress database or a dedicated database (recommended for heavier loads).
  • It uses your existing WordPress theme. This means that the newsletter archive, your opt-in forms and the subscriber landing pages and messages use your existing theme which results in a consistent brand identity and better subscriber experience.
nuevoMailer in Wordpress
nuevoMailer in WordPress
Field mapping
Field mapping
Add user to a Mailing list based on Role
Add user to a Mailing list based on Role
Subscribe me checkbox
Add a "Subscribe me" checkbox in blog comment forms

Also using WooCommerce?

nuevoMailer WP can be a very powerful email marketing plugin.
Product review forms
In case of WooCommerce the "Subscribe me" checkbox may appear in product review forms
Subscribe me with a product review
The "Subscribe me" checkbox in a product review form

WooCommerce hooks and triggers on order status changes

This triggering system gives you many options for tagging customers, send follow-up emails, move to different lists based on order status and more.
It enables you to cover all possible order status transitions so you can fine-tune it based on your order management processes.
WooCommerce hooks and triggers
Based on the nuevoMailer existing triggers system provides you many options for customer management, segmentation and follow-up
See also how you can import and segment your WooCommerce customers.
nuevoMailer WP v.9.8
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