nuevoMailer SB v.9.5

Newsletter management & design

Create rich and engaging e-newsletters

Besides being a versatile newsletter manager, nuevoMailer can be used for content building.
You can create newsletters as content pages and link between them.
You have a SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly newsletter archive.
You can send a short version of a newsletter with links to other newsletters (web pages).

Extensive newsletter personalisation

  • You can extensively personalize your newsletters. The html editor has a special menu button to insert subscriber merge-tags like [sub_name], [sub_email] etc.
  • You can personalize not only the main body but also the subject and the hyperlinks.
  • You can use/merge any of your custom subscriber fields. And in case there is no data for a subscriber you also have a fall-back option.
Newsletter personalisation
Easily personalize a newsletter

Newsletter Html editor

  • nuevoMailer has an integrated rich html editor specifically customized for newsletter management and design.
  • The newsletter editor has special menu buttons and pop-up windows to insert opt-out links and smart links such as:
    • Social media sharing: Facebook, Google Twitter.
    • "Click here to read this in your browser"
    • "Forward to your friends"
    • And many more.
  • There are built-in pages for all these special links and features so using them becomes really easy.
  • Newsletter rating which is also done via smart links. Can also be used for simple voting/polling.
  • You can send attachments with your newsletter. The editor has integrated file managers for images and attachments.
  • You may use image maps with click-able areas (links) in a newsletter.
  • Anchor links are not tracked allowing you to have a table of contents at the top of your newsletter.
  • Tracking mailto: links is optional and you can turn it on/off in your settings.

Managing and publishing newsletters

  • Templates manager: you can import .htm and .html files or grab content from a remote URL and create a new newsletter. You can save any newsletter a template.
  • Newsletter archive: a newsletter can be set as public or hidden. Public ones appear in the built-in newsletter archive.
  • Create copies of a newsletter with a single click (clone).
  • Create a text version of an html newsletter with a single click.
    You have a separate editor for the plain text newsletters.

Conditional content blocks

With conditional content blocks you can differentiate parts of a newsletter based on subscribers' properties. Such properties are data stored in subscriber fields and the subscriber tags.
In other words you can send different content to different subscribers within the same newsletter/campaign.
Learn more and see examples

RSS feeds

You can embed RSS feeds in your newsletters. This is done simply by typing this inside a newsletter:

Newsletter auto-save

Your newsletters are saved automatically with a sound alert (which you can turn on/off).
This is another innovative feature of your self-hosted newsletter software.
Guarantee: you will never lose your changes when working with a newsletter!.
The Unlayer drag 'n drop editor for newsletter design
The Unlayer drag 'n drop editor for newsletter design
Html newsletters
Html newsletters
Smart links in a newsletter
Smart Links for newsletters
Forward to my friends screen
This is the screen that the subscriber will see when clicking the 'Forward to my friends' smart link
SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly newsletter archive

Inline/embedded images

This means that images will display in the newsletter although the recipient has disabled automatic image downloading. See examples.
nuevoMailer is a powerful, self-hosted PHP newsletter software that is installed on your own server (Linux, Windows servers with PHP/mySQL). With our newsletter software you will have total control of your content, newsletters and mailing lists. Key features.
Inline / Embedded image example
nuevoMailer SB v.9.5
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