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Inline (embedded) images in newsletters

  • By sending images as inline (also called embedded) images appear in the email even if the recipient has disabled automatic images downloading/display.
  • The pictures below demonstrate this. They are from Outlook, Gmail and another major provider. The result is similar when using mobile email clients.
  • With nuevoMailer in order to send your images as embedded you must have these images stored in the assets folder of your nuevoMailer installation (or a subdirectory within). When you use the image upload utility your images are uploaded by default into the assets folder.
  • You can embed your images with Html or Multipart newsletters. Not plain text ones.
  • However, email clients are becoming "smarter" and improving their filters so that images are blocked even if they are sent as embedded.
  • When images are sent embedded in some email clients they appear as attachements.
Inline images in newsletters
Embedding images in newsletters
Inline and embedded images

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