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nuevoMailer is a self-hosted email marketing software that enables you to manage subscribers and mailing lists, design rich personalized newsletters, send email campaigns, view and analyze real time reports and follow-up with triggers and autoresponders. A complete solution for email marketing, newsletter and mailing list management.
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  • Self-hosted, suitable for any type of hosting: shared, dedicated, cloud, vps etc.
  • Linux or Windows servers with PHP and MySQL or MariaDB.
  • One time license fee. Installed on your own server.
  • Anti-spam laws compliant: Can-spam, CASL, GDPR compliant. The subscribers IP address is recorded at opt-in and confirmation steps (with a timestamp).
  • Role-based administrator access.

Mailing lists & subscribers

  • Unlimited subscribers and mailing lists.
  • Custom subscriber fields (drop-down, check-boxes, radio buttons etc).
  • Custom subscriber tags.
  • Suppression list management.
  • Find and remove dormant/inactive subscribers.
  • Process bounces and complaints.
  • Fully custom subscriber landing pages and greeting emails.
  • Subscriber portal where your subscribers can log in and update their profile.
  • Multiple segmentation options based on campaign activity, demographics and other criteria.
  • More

Secure and solid

  • All passwords are encrypted (administrators, subscribers, smtp servers etc).
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for administrator login. Two methods supported. Details about 2FA.
  • Special links such as tracking, opt-out and similar are also encrypted and securely constructed.

Newsletter design

  • WYSIWYG Html editor optimized for newsletter design.
  • nuevoMailer also integrates with two popular drag n drop editors.
  • Extensive newsletter personalization (body, subject, hyperlinks).
  • Conditional content blocks. Learn more.
  • Send html, text, multi-part newsletters.
  • Embed RSS feeds inside a newsletter.
  • Send a web page by the URL.
  • Organize your newsletters using tags.
  • Templates manager. Save, archive, import html and zip files.
  • Send attachments and images as inline (embedded).
  • Auto-save when editing (no more lost changes).
  • Embed social media links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Read newsletter in your browser (smart link).
  • Forward to your friends (smart link).
  • SEO and mobile friendly, public newsletter archive (web page & API).
  • More

Opt-in/-out & importing emails

  • 3 different opt-out processes.
  • Opt-out by email.
  • Opt-in by email.
  • List-unsubscribe header.
  • Ask for opt-out feedback (reason).
  • Double opt-in verification at list level.
  • Opt-in form builder (captcha ready) & API.
  • Pop-up forms widget.
  • Import subscribers from CSV/TXT files with field mapping. CSV maps can be saved for quick loading.
  • Import opt-outs from other legacy systems.
  • Synchronize/automate imports from external databases (data sources).
  • Complete subscriber management API.

Email campaigns

  • Single one-time campaigns and more.
  • Campaign series: recurring campaigns with rotating newsletters.
  • Drip campaigns: autoresponders and triggers.
  • Send a recurring campaign exactly on a specific day of a month (e.g on the 25th).
  • Perform A/B/...X split-test campaigns (by rotating newsletters).
  • Automate the sending of anniversary campaigns (e.g. birthdays, weddings).
  • Multiple sender profiles with different sender and other settings.
  • Send transactional emails directly from your own CRM/CMS using the API.
  • Campaign tracking with Google analytics.
  • Disabled and/or anonymous tracking.

Email sending methods

  • Send multiple campaigns asynchronously, in parallel in the background.
  • Fully compliant with all major 3rd party SMTP relay services and providers.
  • Send using your Host's SMTP, Amazon SES, MailGun, MailJet,, SendGrid, Mailersend, Mandrill, Postmark, Brevo, PowerMTA and your locally installed MTA.
  • Use multiple SMTP servers with load balancing and rotation.
  • Support for ssl and tls connections.
  • SMTP anti-flood & maximum send rate.
  • SMTP hourly and daily maximum limits.
  • Add your own custom headers to an SMTP server.
  • Pause, resume, edit, clone a campaign and use batches.
  • Multi-threaded sending plugin.
  • More on performance

Reporting features

  • Extensive real-time reporting at multiple levels. From campaign down to individual subscriber and newsletter.
  • Campaign clicks, views, bounces, opt-outs, complaints.
  • Campaign comparison & aggregate reports.
  • Email clients used by subscribers.
  • Distribution reports based on custom subscriber fields and campaign activity.
  • Trend (time-line) charts.
  • Top days, hours, campaigns and subscribers.
  • Export reports and charts to png, csv, Excel.
  • Periodic reports (weekly) sent to your email.
  • Geo-location, List activity/performance reports and a lot more.

More advanced features

  • Start different series of autoresponder campaigns based on different opt-in forms.
  • Advanced list-segmentation utilities.
  • Conditional content blocks. Differentiate parts of a newsletter based on subscriber data.
  • Create follow-up lists, campaigns and/or campaign filters based on clicks & opens (or not).
  • Demographic & tracking-based campaign filters.
  • Advanced search that allows you to create list segments and campaign filters or simply export data to CSV.
  • You can even segment when you import subscribers using custom SQL on your source database.
  • Feedback loop: you can process complaints in case you are registered with a major ISP.

nuevoMailer SB v.9.9
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