nuevoMailer v.7.6

User's guide & API docs

User's guide

Configuration, how-to, tips and more. Read here.

A new RESTful API v.6+

The new API covers most functions related to subscribers, mailing lists, newsletters and campaigns. Details.

Also available

Newsletter archive api

xmlhttp version
Display a newsletter archive, dynamically generated from your nuevoMailer database in any page of your website.

Opt-in form api

xmlhttp version
The Opt-in form api offers two methods to embed opt-in forms dynamically in your website pages.

Add / remove subscriber api

Also available in xmlhttp version
With this api you can trigger a silent subscriber insertion (or deletion) from another page in your website.
Some examples: use it in contact forms, order processing pages, landing pages, legacy/external newsletter forms etc. In addition there is a PHP curl based api for the same purpose.
New since v.5: you can also use this api for transactional emails. Simply by giving a newsletter ID and a subscriber email you can create and send single email.
This works exactly like the trigger emails that you can set on newsletters, campaigns and hyperlinks.
nuevoMailer v.7.6
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