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Mailing list segmentation

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Demographic-based list segmentation

  • You can segment your email lists based on demographic data such as city, state, zip etc or any other subscriber property.
  • This type of segmentation is done using the Advanced search utility.
  • With this utility you can create a new list segment, a campaign filter or export the search results to a spreadsheet.
New mailing filter
Search results

Tracking-based list segmentation

Tracking based on campaign clicks or views or the absence of them.

Follow-up lists

  • With an easy to use menu you can create new lists for subscribers who opened (or not), clicked (or not) in a previous campaign.
    Example: you want a list with subscribers who clicked a specific link in a campaign or did not open the campaign at all etc.

Follow-up filters

  • This concept is similar to follow-up campaigns but you create only a filter and not a campaign. You can do it by going to your summary report.
  • Then most likely you will want to use this filter in a new campaign with other parameters.
Follow-up list
Create follow-up campaigns

Segmentation using triggers

Using triggers you can do the following (among else):
  • Update a subscriber field value. You create a custom subscriber field, let's say #tag1. Then you put a trigger to update this field's data upon click or view.
  • Add and/or remove the subscriber to other lists.
Update a subscriber field with a trigger
Add/remove a subscriber to lists with a trigger.

Benefits of list segmentation

  • Segmentation is key to email marketing success. It increases engagement.
  • You can create and use filters in your campaigns to focus only to subscribers that fit the filter criterion.
  • When using filters your original mailing lists remain intact. You only focus to a sub-group of the mailing list.
  • List segmentation leads to more relevant and targeted email campaigns.
nuevoMailer SB v.8.6
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