nuevoMailer SB v.9.5

Server-based email marketing software

Design, architecture and key concepts


  • nuevoMailer is an email marketing solution that you keep and maintain in-house. It is 100% self-managed. It is not offered as a service.
  • One-time fee. No monthly fees.
  • You have complete data ownership and total control of your mailing lists, newsletters and email campaigns. You can send what you like to whomever you like.
  • Designed for single entities (businesses or other organizations) that need a self-hosted, self-managed email marketing software toolkit to install and manage on their own servers.
    An ESP/Saas version is available for service providers.
  • Compliant with anti-spam laws (for any country). Available in several languages. Check the demo.
nuevoMailer welcome screen
Administrator Welcome screen
Instant alerts to prevent accidental deletions

Administrative features

  • Administrator roles
    You can open as many administrators accounts as you like and assign different roles. Like newsletters-only access or reports, lists, campaigns etc.
    Although the same data is shared across the whole installation, administrators with different roles will have access to different parts of the admin panel.
  • Single administration panel (SB/MB version) makes working with nuevoMailer much easier. You will enjoy a fast-loading, modern, highly interactive and easy to use administration panel.
  • Also ideal for IT professionals who send campaigns on behalf of their clients and want to offer them reports-only access. Like this.
    The ESP variant gives you more options. Quick read: I want to serve my customers - Single edition or ESP?
  • Administrators receive email alerts when one subscribes, opts-out, when a campaign is completed etc
Multiple administrator accounts
Administrator roles

On the technical side

  • Suitable for shared or dedicated hosting, cloud, vps and other variants (Amazon, Google etc).
  • Easily handles large mailing lists and large-scale email campaigns with millions of subscribers.
  • Send your campaigns using your own SMTP servers (MTA) or any 3rd party standards compliant smtp provider. Learn more.
  • It is developed in PHP for Linux, Windows servers and any other operating system that supports PHP and MySQL database (Mac OS X, etc). MariaDB is also fine.
  • Administration is entirely web-based, so you use it with just your browser. No programming knowledge required.
  • Localization capability: the administration panel can be translated to your own language. You can define character sets for newsletters. The scripts we provide to create the mySQL tables have also an option to define the encoding.
Multiple Smtp servers
Multiple Smtp servers with hourly and daily quotas.
Responsive interface
Responsive interface for mobiles and tablets.

Clear separation of entities

  • This is what sets nuevoMailer apart of other similar tools when it comes to features: subscriber, mailing list, newsletter, campaign are clearly different entities.
  • The most basic entities are the subscriber and the newsletter. All others are based on these two.
  • A subscriber is someone from whom you have at least an email address (and much more).
  • The mailing list is simply a grouping of subscribers.
  • The newsletter is the content that you send.
  • The campaign is the activity of sending: any newsletter can be send to any mailing list or a selection of lists.
  • You can have unlimited subscribers, newsletters, mailing lists and campaigns.
The Welcome screen in German
The Welcome screen in German. It is easy to translate the interface into any language
The total activity report
Detail from the welcome screen: The total activity report.
nuevoMailer SB v.9.5
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