Subscriber re-engagement - Reactivating dormant subscribers

As our mailing lists grow and our email campaigns evolve over time we will notice two things,
  1. A group of people who unsubscribe (and there is not much we can do anymore)
  2. A group of subscribers that although they do not unsubscribe they have stopped interacting with our emails (not opening or clicking).

This second group is what we call "dormant" or "inactive" subscribers.

What re-engagement is and how to do it

Re-engagement is the process that aims to reignite interaction with these dormant subscribers who have become inactive over a period of time.

This process may involve various email tactics such as personalized communication, special offers, discounts, surveys or exclusive content, with the goal to motivate these individuals to actively participate, purchase or engage with our brand or product again.

Below we present some approaches and types of email campaigns you can consider.

Set your goals and objectives

Remember, the goal of re-engagement is to remind your subscribers of the value your product or service provides and incentivize them to re-engage with your brand. Therefore it is important to know your audience, their needs and preferences.

Knowing your audience includes having an understanding of what caused your subscribers to disengage and what you could have done differently. In addition, do not neglect technical issues that may have resulted in poor deliverability.

Depending on the sector or field you operate you should adapt your re-engagement strategy accordingly. Business to business (B2B) or Business to consumer (B2C) and similarly non-profits or other organizations may need to implement an entirely different approach to win back their subscribers.

Before starting,

Define what you consider as dormant subscriber.
For example, a subscriber who hasn't clicked or not opened your emails in the last 6 months or two years?
A customer who hasn't bought a product in the last X months?
What is more important in your emails? Clicks? Opens or both?
Which period do you consider as inactivity? This is related to your campaign frequency.

Find and isolate this segment

Log in your nuevoMailer admin panel and go to Advanced search. You can search for subscribers that haven't clicked, opened (or both) in any time frame you want.  You can further narrow down this search by mailing list. After searching you can add these subscribers to a new (temporary) mailing list and/or tag them.

Then you can send some email campaigns to this mailing list. You have several options: single campaigns or campaign series.

Have a clear call to action and you can add one-two triggers to the emails you will use. This is optional but it may be handy. For example such a trigger can be that "upon click or open the subscriber is removed from the temporary list".

Re-engagement campaign ideas,

Re-engagement campaigns
The most simple and direct approach. Send an email asking your subscribers if they're still interested in receiving your newsletters. Include options to re-confirm their subscription, update their email preferences or unsubscribe. This can help you clean up your email list and focus on subscribers who are truly interested.

Personalized offers
Send personalized emails to these customers with exclusive discounts on the latest product updates that they may have missed. In order to make your offer more targeted, personalize the newsletter by using their name and perhaps mention also the specific product they have previously purchased.

Limited-time discounts
By offering a limited-time discount you create a sense of urgency. This could be a percentage off your latest products or a bundle deal for multiple products. Offer free shipping (if applicable).

Loyalty rewards 
Implement  and announce a new loyalty program where customers earn points for every purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. This could incentivize them to start buying again.

Exclusive access or deals
Give these customers early access to new updates or exclusive features. This could make them feel valued and encourage them to engage with your brand again.

Helpful content
Send newsletters that include useful tips and tricks for using your products, educational content highlighting the new latest features. 
Draw attention to the improvements in your products. 
Focus on what's new or changed. This can show them the value they're missing out on.

Ask for their feedback on why they haven't been active. This can provide valuable insights into what you can do to improve and meet their needs.

Please unsubscribe
Ok, this is a rather bold approach. But depending on the situation it may be helpful to use it. It may work as a kind of reverse psychology. You will definitely surprise your subscribers with this.

Email subject lines for inspiration

Do You Still Want to Hear from Us, [Name]?
We've Missed You, [Name]! Here's Something Special
We've Missed You! Let's Catch Up
Long Time No See - How About a 20% Off to Welcome You Back?
It's Been a While - Check Out What's New
Check Out What's New Since Your Last Visit
Your Exclusive Discount is Waiting!
Your Exclusive Perks Are Waiting!
Missing Out? See What You've Been Missing
Hey [Name], Remember Us? We've Got Something You'll Love
Hey, Remember Us? We've Got Something Special for You
We're Giving You Early Access to Our Latest offers
Is It Something We Said? Let's Make It Right
Is It Us or Is It You? Let's Reconnect
We Noticed You've Been Away - Here's a Welcome Back Gift
[Name], Your Feedback Matters to Us
[Name], We Value Your Opinion
Unlock Your Loyalty Rewards Now!
Hurry, Your Limited-Time Offer is About to Expire!
Last Chance to Claim Your Special Offer!
Please unsubscribe!

At some point it's time to say Goodbye

For how long will you keep sending to those who are not interested? Eventually the time comes to stop doing so and focus on your subscriber segments that are most valuable to you.

A few paragraphs above we explained the idea of putting these subscribers into a new temporary mailing list. Now perhaps it is time to isolate this list.

By isolating this list the subscribers will be removed from all other mailing lists. Now you have these options:

  1. Drop this list and completely lose them
  2. Suppress them
  3. Or just leave them there and send a campaign every X months just in case some subscribers engage again.

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