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nuevoMailer for ESPs

- Do you want to offer Email Marketing services to your clients?
- Are you an IT services provider, agent or reseller?
- nuevoMailer ESP is the right email marketing platform for Saas providers.


  • Install once, manage centrally, open User accounts. "Users" are your clients.
  • Complete isolation between user accounts.
  • Your clients will enjoy almost all of the features you see in nuevoMailer SB.
    Furthermore, they can use the nuevoMailer API and Zapier app.
  • White label, css-customizable, multi-language interface make it ideal for email marketing resellers.
  • Pay as you go and monthly subscription plans that your users can purchase and pay via PayPal.
  • You may have free plans and/or unlimited emails plans.
  • You can create sign-up forms to open user accounts automatically.
  • You can automatically create users and orders with an API.
  • Multi-threaded sending capable of handling large loads!


Master administration panel
This is where you login to manage users and orders, create email plans, edit settings and monitor the system.
Users panel
This is where your users login to create newsletters, campaigns, autoresponders and manage their mailing lists.

What's new in v.4.0

September 2023
  • Administrative and general
  • New sending methods: Mailjet API, Mandrill (Mailchimp) API, Postmark API, Mailersend API, Brevo (Sendinblue) API.
    You may also use any of the above providers with SMTP.
    Endpoint scripts for processing bounces, deliveries and complaints webhooks for all these providers (and are included. You will find details in the Help section of the master administration panel.
  • Introduced a new rate limiter algorithm.
  • Sending domains: or allowed domains list. Include the domains a user can use in the <from-email> in the campaigns.
  • Optionally you can DKIM-sign any sending domain.
  • Certain hard-coded settings were moved to the database. Either at master administrator or user level. This simplifies future updates and gives more options for your users.
    This includes Stripo and Bee editor credentials (master level).
    Default styles for opt-in forms were moved at user settings.
  • Redesigned the Remember me option in both panels login, using a three layer cryptographically secure cookie. Stay logged-in for 15 days.
  • What's new for your users
  • The nuevoMailer API and Zapier app are now also available for your users. Certain api features may not be available for your users. But the most important ones are.
  • Subscriber tags as another option for segmentation, tagging etc.
    Conditional content based on tags: parts of a newsletter will show only to subscribers that have or do not have a specific tag.
  • Outbound Webhooks. See more.
    May be set as trigger reaction, opt-in form submission, opt-out, bounce (among else enable the sending of a clicked hyperlink data to other systems).
  • Countdown timer widget, like this with default styles set at user level.
  • Improved assets/pictures file manager. You can browse contents in sub-directories and create new directories.
  • New type of opt-out link: suppress me. The subscriber is simply suppressed but not deleted. All past history stays.
  • Added a public/hidden indication for mailings lists in the page where you edit a subscriber.
  • When you create a follow-up campaign the field "parent" now takes its parent value. So they appear in the same branch.
  • Quick search also searches in opt-outs.
  • Quick edit pop-up for newsletter subject, preheader, tags, memo (like the one for campaigns).
  • Removed password map/import from external database import.
  • New option in advanced search: add subscribers to an existing list.
  • Changed from pt to px in the html editor font sizes.
  • Send Log or subscriber-campaign log: keeps a history of the campaigns that were sent to subscribers. Your users can decide how many days to keep in this log.
    This feature provides may benefits such as,
    A new option to choose campaigns when doing an advanced search. Using this you can view and csv export campaign participants.
    In Autoresponders, the "Total sent" is clickable and shows the subscribers the autoresponder was sent to.
    Trigger reaction "send newsletter” is clickable and links to the "subscriber-campaign log" to see who/when was emailed.
    For each subscriber you can also see a detailed log along with open/click indication.
  • Stricter GDPR compliance: a user can define how many days to keep subscriber data in the opt-outs, complaints and other tables. This applies to subscribers who have opted-out.
  • How to upgrade
  • There is no loss of data when upgrading. The upgrade process ensures a smooth transition and introduction of all the new features.
  • You can download the latest version from your order details page. Refer to the step-by-step instructions in the setUp.html that's in your zip package.
  • Check this page if your order is older than a year.

v.3.7 new features


v.3.6 new features


v.3.5 new features


v.3.0 new features


v.2.0 new features


Architecture & technical details

  • Typical Saas, multi-tenant deployment with attention to isolation & security.
  • You have a single installation of files with two administration panels:
    • A "Master administration" panel where only you can log in and manage user accounts and system-wide settings.
    • A user administration panel where users create campaigns, autoresponders, newsletters and manage their mailing lists.
  • Each user has his own database. Optionally you can deploy the software with all users sharing a common database but still having their own sets of tables.
  • In addition there is a master administration database where you only have access for managing users, email plans and monitor the whole system.

Email sending methods

  • SMTP: you create smtp servers, smtp server groups and assign a user to a group.
    You can use locally installed or remote SMTP servers.
  • API for the following providers:
    Amazon SES
    Mandrill (Mailchimp)
    Brevo (Sendinblue
  • Local Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) using SendMail.
  • Power MTA (pickup)
  • You can have a user with his own SMTP server.

Bounces processing

  • Built-in bounces processing when using any email service of your own (e.g from your host).
  • Bounce servers are set-up like SMTP. You create bounce servers, group them and assign a user to a group.
  • In case your use Amazon SES then you can set-up Amazon SNS for bounces processing.
  • For MailGun, Mailjet, SendGrid and the other providers mentioned above you have webhook endpoints to process and record deliveries, complaints and bounces.
  • To avoid spam. maintain your IPs credibility and ensure that your users will have clean lists:
    • you set rules to automatically suppress subscribers after a number of soft or hard bounces.
    • your users cannot un-suppress their subscribers.

Email credit plans & user sign-up forms

  • Email credit plans are also called "Pay as you go" plans.
    You create your own plans with the number of emails and the price you want.
  • The user must purchase a plan in order to acquire email credits.
    When the user has run out of emails he cannot send campaigns neither import new subscribers.
  • You may create free plans to entice users to start.
    Optionally you can give "unlimited emails credit" to a user. This is useful when you don't want to charge your clients and just offer them free email marketing services.
  • You can create user sign-up forms. The user has to confirm the sign-up to complete the registration.
    Then he can login in his panel and pay for his purchase.
  • You as the master administrator, can see and manage user orders in your panel.

Monthly subscription plans (new in v.2.0)

  • It would be more accurate to call them "Recurring subscription plans" because the period can be adapted to weeks or even days.
  • These plans are limited by list size. As long as the recurring payments are made the user account remains active. In addition the "maximum allowed list size" condition is checked.
    If a user exceeds that limit he cannot send campaigns.
  • They integrate with PayPal subscription payments. You have instant user account creation when the user purchases a plan.
  • You have a detailed user's guide about setting up your recurring payment buttons (and testing in the PayPal sandbox environment before going live).

User help & documentation

  • In the users' administration panel there are many links that point to the user's documentation of nuevoMailer.
    By default these links are hidden through a css class. Should you want, with a small css tweak you can make these links visible to your users.
  • If you want a white label, self-branded version of the documentation to host at your own server please contact us.
nuevoMailer ESP - 20 users v.4.0
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