Multi-threaded sending plugin v.10.0

For high volume, time sensitive email campaigns

- Multiply your sending rate by using several concurrent processing threads.

- Perform send-time optimization to send your emails when your subscribers are most likely to engage.

Key points

  • Based on a queue concept. As the name implies each cron hit initiates several threads (you define how many) that pick and send emails from a queue.
  • You can schedule several multi-threaded campaigns to run at the same time.
  • It does not affect your regular campaigns and autoresponders. You can still send campaigns in the usual way. You create a dedicated cron job for processing multi-threaded campaigns.
  • It is compatible with all the sending methods you have in nuevoMailer.
Multi-threaded sending

Who is it for?

  • For time-sensitive email campaigns when regardless of the campaign size your emails must go out in a very limited time-frame.
  • For high volume senders that need to send their campaigns in a reasonable time span.
  • Generally speaking for anyone who wants to send too many - too fast.
  • For power users that want to send millions of emails per hour.
  • Your smtp and web server should be able to accept heavy loads and multiple parallel connections.
  • Can really help with SMTP sending (including Amazon SES). SMTP in general is inherently slow. Even if you don't plan to send millions per hour this plugin will help you boost your sending rate.

But not only for speed

  • At the same time, you can also use it to engage in send-time optimization.
  • This plugin is particularly useful when having an international audience and/or subscribers in different time zones.
  • Send-time optimization technical details and benefits.

Can I use the plugin only for send-time optimization?

Yes you can. There are cases when one has volume restrictions and cannot send too-many emails, too-fast. In this case create your multi-threaded campaign using one thread only.

How it differs from the default campaign processing of nuevoMailer?

  • By default nuevoMailer creates a single thread to process a campaign. Each cron hit initiates one thread for each campaign that is scheduled. Subscribers emails are picked from the list in real time. So when the campaign is in progress and you add new emails to the list the campaign will include them.
  • With the multi-threaded plugin, a queue is populated with subscriber emails when you create the campaign. Once the sending starts you cannot make changes to the campaign lists. Then each cron hit initiates several threads to process the queue. Of course there are precautions to avoid concurrency and overlapping that could result in duplicate sending.
Multi-threaded sending plugin v.10.0
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