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V.6.5 new features

  • Amazon SES api method support. Amazon smtp is still an option.
  • The Amazon bounces processing script was greatly enhanced so that you get more accurate reports on opt-outs and complaints.
  • Prioritize campaign by views: your top readers will get the newsletter first.
  • Added option to base an autoresponder on Date last emailed.
  • When sending html a text part is automatically added with a link to read the online html version. So now all html emails turn to multipart and this means better (lower) spam score.
  • Added "Subscribe by email” feature. For each list you may set-up an email account. You then process these mailboxes with a cron script.
  • Added global throttling options that apply to non-smtp sending methods.
  • Many productivity and interface enhancements.

V.6 in a glance

  • Most active hours report. So you can decide when is the best time to send your campaigns and set your cron job accordingly.
  • Enhanced most active days report (added a date range).
  • Most active subscribers report. By campaign, mailing list and time period. And you can create sub lists from this report.
  • Multiple views analysis report. For example, it shows you that 20% of your subscribers opened once, 10% opened twice etc.
  • Better list activity report with views & clicks ratios for each list.
    Now you can see deliverability by specific domains. Example: do an advanced search for, create a new list, go to the list activity report.
    A new List growth chart that shows monthly opt-ins, admin imports and opt-outs.

Campaign sending and management

  • Daily campaign maximum limit. This enables you to send a campaign distributed among several days. E.g. send 50k, stop and continue the next day.
  • New cron jobs. if you want you can have two different cron jobs; one for campaigns and another for your autoresponders.
  • Add attachments and an opt-out link when sending a web page. They are appended automatically. You can style the link, define opt-out type and change the wording as you like.
  • The campaign logs are now saved in the database and this will speed up the sending.
  • Your newsletters images can now be anywhere in the assets folder (any subdirectory) in order to be sent as inline (embedded).

And lots of other features like...

  • A new RESTful API that covers basically every possible function around subscribers, lists and campaigns. Get info, create, update, delete etc.
  • IP is captured at opt-out step.
  • You can also import IP addresses and update the IP-subscribed field of subscribers when importing from an external database.
  • You can suppress a whole list. Very handy if you want to exclude emails from specific domains (advanced search->new list->suppress).

V.5 in a glance

  • New auto-responders and triggers.
  • Triggered and transactional emails.
  • Power MTA pickup delivery.
  • Embed RSS feeds in newsletters.
  • Send a campaign series.
  • Send recurring campaigns exactly on a specific day of the month.
  • Rotate newsletters with every batch for A/B/C/etc split tests.
  • New chart: subscriber engagement over time.
  • New SEO-friendly & mobile-friendly newsletter archive.
  • And a lot more!


  • Auto-responders in v.5 are like time-based recurring campaigns.
  • You can create drip campaigns upon list-sign-up (minutes, hours, days after opt-in) or any other subscriber field that holds dates (like birthdays).
  • These campaigns recycle forever. You have full reporting and you may even set other triggers on them. Learn more.


  • You can set triggers on campaigns, newsletters, hyperlinks.
    Available reactions are: add-to/remove from lists, send another newsletter, update a subscriber field.

Embed RSS feeds in newsletters

  • This is done simply by typing this inside a newsletter:
  • [rss]http://feed-url[/rss]
  • Furthermore the code is open so you can apply your own custom styles if needed. You will have full reporting on the rss hyperlinks just like the other links in the newsletter.

Power MTA pickup delivery support

  • Besides using PowerMTA in smtp mode you can now also use it with the pickup delivery method.
  • PowerMTA is an "enterprise grade infrastructure application for email built to address the challenges of critical digital messaging environments and customer communications. More

Send a series of newsletters with recurring campaigns (campaign series)

  • In recurring campaigns, those repeating regularly, you can now define a series of newsletters that will recycle forever.
  • This is a very useful approach for life-cycle list nurturing and management especially if you have exhausted your first auto-responders and triggers which are usually the most critical in email marketing.

Send a campaign exactly on a specific day of the month

  • You can now specify that such a recurring campaign will always run on the X day of a month.
  • In the special case where you set it on the last day of a month then it will run on the 31st (or 30th or 28th or 29th when applicable).

Rotate newsletters with every batch for A/B/etc split tests

  • This new feature takes A/B split tests and essentially makes them A/Z split tests.
  • You can define as many newsletters as you want. Every new batch will pick and send the next one in the series.
  • See your A/B split stats, find the best performing newsletter (edit the campaign to use that one and continue).

New chart: subscriber engagement over time

  • Complete subscriber tracking, not only at campaign level but for all newsletters (welcome, goodbye, trigger emails)

New SEO-friendly & mobile-friendly newsletter archive

Transactional emails

  • This new feature builds upon the new trigger emails and the subscriber api. By extending the api you can insert a newsletter in your triggers processing queue.
  • The only data you need to "post" from your page to your nuevoMailer installation are a newsletter ID and a subscriber email.
  • If the email is from an existing subscriber then the newsletter will be personalized. Of course at the same time you can "create" a subscriber but this was also available in earlier versions.


  • The return path header is added also to single emails (& triggers).
  • Added a timeline chart in the campaigns Aggregate report.
  • Added the IP in the subscriber tags (for newsletter personalization).
  • Added more options when you select what subscriber fields you want to have in your tables.
  • All help references now point to the online help.

V.4 in a glance

  • Fully custom subscriber fields.
  • Custom list settings.
  • New reports and charts exportable to pdf/png.
  • Content management: link between newsletters, publish newsletters, use them as landing pages/greeting emails.
  • Subscriber verification (double opt-in) moved at list level.
  • The bounce manager and the scheduler are integrated into the core package.
  • Requires PHP 5.4 or later.
  • In short, with this release nuevoMailer becomes a feature-rich contact management and content publishing system.

Custom subscriber fields

  • Except the email all subscriber fields can now be defined and customized as you like.
  • You can set-up your fields as text input boxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus with the options you want.
  • You also have fields of numeric and date types.
  • Custom table views: choose which fields you want to see in your subscriber reports.

Custom list settings

  • For each list you may define separate settings for campaigns, SMTP servers, subscriber landing pages and greeting emails, double opt-in and more.
  • Very handy when having opt-in forms in several websites and you want to give a distinct experience for each site.

Reporting and statistics

  • New charting library: awesome interactive and playful charts that you can export to pdf/png.
  • Distribution charts & reports: this is closely related to the set-up of your subscriber fields.
    Distribution reports are available for fields for which you define options (radio buttons, drop-down menus). Examples: distribution by gender, region, country etc.
  • A new activity chart in your Welcome page with selectable date range for all your campaigns.
  • New report: top 10 campaigns.
  • New report: activity by day of week.
  • Most clicked links report.
  • Access key for campaign statistics: a link to a page where one can see a full campaign report with charts without having to log in to the admin panel. Example.
  • Subscriber stats report enhanced. Now you can see more detailed clicks/views per subscriber.
  • List activity/traffic report enhanced.
  • Almost all old reports have been enhanced.

Campaign management and sending

  • Send multiple campaigns asynchronously and in parallel. Send as fast as your servers can handle.
  • Campaign and scheduling are done in one step/page.
  • You now have api keys that you can use in your cron jobs as well as in other APIs.
  • Pause / resume a campaign.
  • Edit / change options for a running campaign.
  • Added task end date for recurring tasks/campaigns.
  • Non-recurrent tasks are automatically deleted when the campaign completes.
  • Batch pause changed to decimal so one can use seconds as pause.
  • Added configurable Bounce manager connection flags.
  • Added List unsubscribe header and Opt-out by email (and the required scripts to process the requests).
  • Load and clean your log file from inside the admin panel.
  • SMTP load balancing: optionally use ALL your SMTP servers equally distributed within the same batch.
  • Custom headers per SMTP server: attach custom headers specific to an SMTP server.
  • SMTP servers can be used by all campaigns or limit them to specific lists.
  • Maximum Send Rate for SMTP, handy for Amazon SES and not only.


  • Manage dormant subscribers; tired of keeping unresponsive subscribers in your system? You can delete them or suppress them.
  • Moved the Date-Time-Zone in your settings page.
  • CSV export: values are enclosed in double quotes. Only active subscriber fields are included in the export.
  • Encrypted administrator passwords.
  • Create only a follow-up filter (without a campaign).
  • Newsletters: added tags and internal memo for admin.
  • Subscriber center (formerly known as Update account page: option to self-exclude/suppress.
  • Opt-out feedback/reason utility improved.
  • New opt-in form wizard. Use captcha. A new api with super-easy integration. Save your opt-in forms and see how many times they are used.
  • Added Last sync date for data sources.
  • Advanced search (list builder) greatly improved.
  • Subscriber simple search: enhanced with auto-completer. Simply start typing.
  • Full form data is included in the administrator email alerts.
  • Many usability and productivity improvements such as in-place editing (filters, links).
  • A more descriptive name when you automatically create filters.

Social media

  • One new Facebook option: visit our FB page.
  • The Facebook dialogue can be localized.
  • LinkedIn and Google+ smart links.
  • Twitter: tweet this newsletter & visit our twitter page.


  • The One-time welcome newsletter was removed.

New features in v.3.70

  • With release 3.70 nuevoMailer becomes even lighter, faster and simpler to use.
  • It has a brand new html editor (with full support for IE11).
  • The interface was redesigned.
  • Improved support for touch-enabled devices.
  • Back-end code ported from Prototype to jQuery.
  • APIs designed again and simplified.
  • More than 50 small improvements and enhancements. Check the demo.

The New Canadian Spam Law (CASL)

nuevoMailer can fully support all the processes the law requires.
In addition, an update/patch is available. More info.

New features in v.3.60

  • The last major update was release 3.50 for which you can read below. Release 3.60 involves some small improvements and updated language files.
  • On December 22nd, 2013 release 3.60 was updated to accommodate the recent changes in how Gmail caches and serves images. A patch was published.

New features in v.3.50

  • Templates manager: upload html files and create newsletters, save a newsletter as a template, grab contents from a remote URL and create a newsletter or a template.
  • Custom reports improvements: added new aggregate report and enhanced campaign comparison report. Save report chart as image.
  • Added a new ratio in all reports: Clicks to Views.
  • Added more email clients in the graphical report.
  • Sortable tables in all views.
  • Synchronize your data sources with cron jobs.
  • The "Read newsletter in browser" link is hidden when you change to the browser view.
  • "Forward to my friends page" is fully multi-language.
  • Added a new improved date-picker for the scheduler.
  • Added drop-down menus for birthday selectors.
  • Follow-up campaigns and scheduler triggered recurring campaigns now inherit the campaign name and custom sender settings (if used).
  • Changes in the opt-in process: list assignments and profile data of existing subscribers who attempt to subscribe again are updated only if there is a password in the opt-in form and it matches the one stored in the database. If double opt-in is active and an existing subscriber (who has not yet confirmed) attempts to subscribe again the confirmation-required email is triggered.

New features in v.3.00

  • Optional <from-name>, <from-email>, <reply-to-email> when creating a campaign.
  • Multiple SMTP servers. Add as many as you need. SMTP servers rotate with every new batch.
  • Added tls, ssl support for SMTP connections so using a Hotmail or a Gmail account becomes even easier.
  • New pie chart: email clients used by subscribers.
  • Geomap reports using the Google visualization api. By world/region and US state.
  • Added links to charts directly from the summary report.
  • Updated Html editor.
  • Improved layout and top menu (added delay).
  • Added birth year in opt-in form wizard. The opt-in page updates subscriber details if there are new (e.g. enters a name/phone)
  • Bounce manager: added option to add the bounced subscribers to the suppression list.
  • More subscriber fields in the "Welcome" emails and pages.
  • Remove a single email from the opt-outs table.
  • Various usability improvements. Have a look at the demo.

Major new features introduced in v.2.00

  • Added campaign performance chart in the welcome page.
  • Added timeline chart and campaign comparison report and chart.
  • Added suppression list feature (black list).
  • Updated Html editor.
  • Added campaign friendly name (for internal use).
  • Added times-visited for privacy page.
  • Added automatic link parsing for campaign tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Facebook-like smart-link: will redirect the subscriber to read the newsletter in the browser and in that page he will see a "Like it" button.
  • Added opt-out filters when importing subscribers.
  • Add text qualifiers when importing from csv/txt files.
  • Added pop3 support for bounce manager.
  • Added option to set subscribers with bounces as un-confirmed.
  • Configurable date/time display format.
  • Added active/non-active flag for admin accounts so access can be temporarily disabled.
  • Full profile update in the subscriber page/area.
  • Many functions and background processes were improved.
  • Several reporting pages were redesigned.
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