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Change history until v.3.7

New features in v.3.70
  • With release 3.70 nuevoMailer becomes even lighter, faster and simpler to use.
  • It has a brand new html editor (with full support for IE11).
  • The interface was redesigned.
  • Improved support for touch-enabled devices.
  • Back-end code ported from Prototype to jQuery.
  • APIs designed again and simplified.
  • More than 50 small improvements and enhancements. Check the demo.
New features in v.3.60
  • The last major update was release 3.50 for which you can read below. Release 3.60 involves some small improvements and updated language files.
  • On December 22nd, 2013 release 3.60 was updated to accommodate the recent changes in how Gmail caches and serves images. A patch was published.

New features in v.3.50
  • Templates manager: upload html files and create newsletters, save a newsletter as a template, grab contents from a remote URL and create a newsletter or a template.
  • Custom reports improvements: added new aggregate report and enhanced campaign comparison report. Save report chart as image.
  • Added a new ratio in all reports: Clicks to Views.
  • Added more email clients in the graphical report.
  • Sortable tables in all views.
  • Synchronize your data sources with cron jobs.
  • The "Read newsletter in browser" link is hidden when you change to the browser view.
  • "Forward to my friends page" is fully multi-language.
  • Added a new improved date-picker for the scheduler.
  • Added drop-down menus for birthday selectors.
  • Follow-up campaigns and scheduler triggered recurring campaigns now inherit the campaign name and custom sender settings (if used).
  • Changes in the opt-in process: list assignments and profile data of existing subscribers who attempt to subscribe again are updated only if there is a password in the opt-in form and it matches the one stored in the database. If double opt-in is active and an existing subscriber (who has not yet confirmed) attempts to subscribe again the confirmation-required email is triggered.

New features in v.3.00
  • Optional <from-name>, <from-email>, <reply-to-email> when creating a campaign.
  • Multiple SMTP servers. Add as many as you need. SMTP servers rotate with every new batch.
  • Added tls, ssl support for SMTP connections so using a Hotmail or a Gmail account becomes even easier.
  • New pie chart: email clients used by subscribers.
  • Geomap reports using the Google visualization api. By world/region and US state.
  • Added links to charts directly from the summary report.
  • Updated Html editor.
  • Improved layout and top menu (added delay).
  • Added birth year in opt-in form wizard. The opt-in page updates subscriber details if there are new (e.g. enters a name/phone)
  • Bounce manager: added option to add the bounced subscribers to the suppression list.
  • More subscriber fields in the "Welcome" emails and pages.
  • Remove a single email from the opt-outs table.
  • Various usability improvements. Have a look at the demo.

Major new features introduced in v.2.00
  • Added campaign performance chart in the welcome page.
  • Added timeline chart and campaign comparison report and chart.
  • Added suppression list feature (black list).
  • Updated Html editor.
  • Added campaign friendly name (for internal use).
  • Added times-visited for privacy page.
  • Added automatic link parsing for campaign tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Facebook-like smart-link: will redirect the subscriber to read the newsletter in the browser and in that page he will see a "Like it" button.
  • Added opt-out filters when importing subscribers.
  • Add text qualifiers when importing from csv/txt files.
  • Added pop3 support for bounce manager.
  • Added option to set subscribers with bounces as un-confirmed.
  • Configurable date/time display format.
  • Added active/non-active flag for admin accounts so access can be temporarily disabled.
  • Full profile update in the subscriber page/area.
  • Many functions and background processes were improved.
  • Several reporting pages were redesigned.
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