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How nuevoMailer can help small & mid-sized businesses do better email marketing

nuevoMailer is a self-hosted email marketing software designed to amplify and improve the management of your mailing lists, campaigns and newsletters.
nuevoMailer will transform your email marketing and make it more efficient and effective.

By designing responsive and highly personalized newsletters

Email personalization is key in email marketing. With personalized emails, your brand will stay top-of-mind for your customers, fostering familiarity and trust.

With nuevoMailer you can personalize the subject, body, hyperlinks, preheader, greeting emails, landing pages and the Google analytics tags using your subscribers data. Practically anything that is sent.
nuevoMailer integrates with 3 popular drag n drop editors: Stripo, Bee, Unlayer and a standard WYSIWYG editor specifically customized for newsletter design.

Newsletter personalisation
Easily personalize a newsletter
The Unlayer drag 'n drop editor for newsletter design
The Unlayer drag 'n drop editor for newsletter design

By creating highly targeted email campaigns

Put your email marketing on autopilot with autoresponders and email triggers and focus on what you do best: running your business.

Fine-tune your campaigns by selecting and / or excluding the lists you want. Apply further segmentation using subscriber tags and mailing filters. Follow-up a subscriber using the most powerful autoresponder system and trigger emails. Create follow-up campaigns based on tracking or other events.

By gaining better insights

With numerous, multi-level reports and charts you will develop a better understanding of how your audience interacts with your newsletters and how your campaigns perform.
Detailed reporting and analytics will help you make more informed business decisions.

nuevoMailer makes it easy to segment your mailing lists, create targeted follow-ups and continuously improve your email marketing strategy. In nuevoMailer you will find many different reports such as campaign comparison, subscriber distribution, list growth, clicks, views, geolocation, opt-outs, bounces, complaints and many more.

Campaign reports
Campaign reports

By lowering opt-outs and retaining subscribers

It is crucial to understand why your subscribers are leaving you. Simply recording an opt-out without any additional information will not give you any valuable insights.

With nuevoMailer you can ask subscribers to provide an opt-out reason before unsubscribing. You can define the opt-out reasons as you like.
But it also helps you in retaining subscribers by giving them an option to snooze (suspend emails) for some time instead of opting out. Learn how important this is.

By using mailing list segmentation

List segmentation is critical for successful email marketing since it helps you send the right content to the right audience. This resuts in more targeted email campaigns with increased engagement and higher ROI.

Enjoy powerful and extensive list management and segmentation utilities, filtering and follow-up features to fine-tune your email campaigns. Use the advanced search utility to view, filter, export subscribers based on demographics, views, clicks, create new list segments and campaign filters.

By building functional opt-in forms

Opt-in forms help you build an email list of individuals who are genuinely interested in your products or services. This increases the chances of your emails being opened, read, and acted upon.

When people actively opt-in to receive your emails, it reduces the chances of your emails being marked as spam. This improves your email deliverability rate.

No need to pay extra for having a form builder or a pop-up forms plugin. You have both in nuevoMailer.
Using custom subscriber fields and the integrated form builder you can set your form fields as text boxes, check-boxes, radio buttons or drop-down lists and collect the subscriber information exactly the way you want.
Your forms have captcha and inline validation. You can link form actions to external systems using outbound webhooks / data posting).

By offering a better subscriber experience

You have an integrated newsletter archive and a Subscriber portal where your subscribers can login and update their account. Enhance your newsletters with smart links such as "Read online", "Social media share buttons" and a "Forward to your friends" feature.

By using your favorite smtp provider(s)

nuevoMailer works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers including (but no only) Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, MailJet, Mandrill, Postmark, Brevo and others. Learn about sending methods and features.
Dedicated webhooks for Amazon SES, MailGun, MailJet, SendGrid and other providers to capture bounces and complaints.

nuevoMailer is loaded with unique features that are easy to use

  • A/B split test campaigns and reports as easy as this.
  • News log sidebar widget for micro-blogging or publishing your news in your website. Also called changelog, roadmap, news chart or news bulletin. See it in action or read further details.
  • Multiple sender profiles (sender identities) that can be used in campaigns, autoresponders or opt-in forms. Learn more about sender profiles.
  • Conditional content blocks and builder: differentiate parts of a newsletter based on subscribers data.
  • Multi-threaded sending for high volume, time sensitive email campaigns. Using this plugin you can multiply your sending speed with multiple threads.
  • Send-time optimization: dispatch your emails when your subscribers are most likely to engage (click or open). More on optimizing sending times.
  • Be compliant with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL. nuevoMailer allows you to fully comply with all major anti-spam legislation around the world.
  • RESTful API and Zapier app. nuevoMailer has a complete API for managing subscribers, lists and campaigns.
  • ChatGPT inside your admin panel: get inspiration and tips about newsletter ideas, subject lines, general content and even with newsletter html code.
  • A powerful feature of nuevoMailer is that you can send multiple campaigns asynchronously and concurrently in the background.
  • For all types of hosting, shared, dedicated, cloud, vps. Linux, or Windows and any server running PHP/MySQL/MariaDB.
  • Prefer to run nuevoMailer as a WordPress plugin? See nuevoMailer WP.
  • Are you an ESP? Email Marketing Services providers should see the nuevoMailer ESP edition.
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  • ✔ Free installation / configuration from us if you like! Requirements are simple.
  • ✔ 30 day money back guarantee!
  • One-time license fee. No recurring fees.
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What's new in v.10.1
If you have used or currently using similar tools you will be amazed with the features and capabilities you will discover in nuevoMailer.
Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart based on campaign clicks or views.
The total activity report
Timeline chart in your Welcome page with Clicks and Views over time.
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