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nuevoMailer is ideal for
nuevoMailer is ideal for,

Any business or organization that needs a self-managed, self-hosted email marketing solution to communicate with their newsletter subscribers, contacts, customers, members, employees, suppliers and various partners.

Email marketing specialists engaging in newsletter marketing, drip campaigns, autoresponder emails and lead generation.

IT professionals sending email campaigns for their clients or providing email marketing as a service.

Any organization that must have their email marketing software installed on-premises and deployed in-house.

Any website or online business that wants to build their mailing list and send email campaigns.

nuevoMailer design
What makes nuevoMailer unique

Its unique architecture opens a multitude of features not usually found in similar apps.

Clear separation of key entities: Subscriber, Mailing list, Newsletter, Sender profile, Campaign.

Any newsletter can be used in any campaign with any selection of lists.

A subscriber can belong in multiple lists.

Multiple sender profiles that can be used in different campaigns, autoresponders and opt-in forms.

nuevoMailer is a powerful newsletter mailer and mailing list manager that easily handles large mailing lists with millions of subscribers. More on performance.

Better campaign insights
Better campaign insights

Get a better understanding of your email campaigns performance, segment your audience, follow-up and continuously improve your email marketing strategy.

Enjoy detailed, multi-level real-time reporting and informative interactive charts.

Compare campaigns, see subscriber distribution reports, list growth & trend reports, geolocation charts, opt-outs, bounces, complaints and many other reports.

Summary report
Targeted email campaigns
For more targeted email campaigns

Segment your mailing lists based on campaign engagement (clicks, opens) or other demographic data you may collect.

Create and use segmentation filters in your email campaigns.

Understand your audience better with detailed analytics, helping you make more informed business decisions.

Increase engagement
Increase engagement and reduce opt-outs

With highly personalized newsletters, using send-time optimization and giving your subscribers options to pause emails for a while instead of opting out and leaving you.

Collect opt-out reasons and reflect on what you can improve to keep your subscribers.

With personalized emails, your brand will stay top-of-mind for your subscribers and customers, fostering familiarity, trust and continuity.

Easy for starters
Easy for starters - powerful for experts

nuevoMailer is designed to empower both beginners and professionals in email marketing. Here is why:

nuevoMailer scales with your skills and experience. Although easy for starters in email marketing, becomes a power-tool for professionals.

Features unfold progressively: as you use it more, you’ll discover additional capabilities.

You will enjoy an intuitive fast-loading administration panel resulting in a pleasant working experience and increased productivity.

What does it take to install and use
What does it take to install and use

A server or hosting plan that supports PHP, MySQL / MariaDB.

Linux or Windows, shared or dedicated, cloud, vps hosting or other variants. Easy installation (free if you like). No programming skills necessary. See technical requirements.

Works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers including (but no only) Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, MailJet, Mandrill, Postmark, Brevo and others.

Lower your email marketing costs
Lower your email marketing costs

One-time license fee. No monthly / recurring fees neither volume-based fees.

Having a self-hosted email marketing software means that it works from your own server and you can use it as you like and when you like.

Use the smtp service provided by your hosting company (most hosting plans allow 400-800 emails / hour) and if this is not sufficient use an external smtp provider such as Amazon SES.

Includes everything you will need: email campaigns, autoresponders and drip campaigns, opt-in forms and pop-up forms. No reason to rely and try to integrate different tools.

Key benefits of self-hosted solutions
Key benefits of a self-hosted email marketing solution

Data ownership & portability: gives you total control of your contact lists and data.

Flexibility in choosing your smtp provider and technical infrastructure (either internal, on-premises or external). Self-hosted, simply means you choose any hosting you want.

Cost savings: it costs considerably less compared to serviced solutions. It is an investment that will pay for itself from your first email campaigns.

More expandable and scalable (customization, integration with the rest of your company's software).

What does self-hosted mean?

Ready to start?
  • ✔ Feel comfortable with the demo?

  • ✔ This is exactly what you will have installed at your own server.

  • ✔ Free installation / configuration from us if you like! Requirements are simple.

  • ✔ 30 day money back guarantee!

  • ✔ Level up your email marketing now!

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What's new in v.10.1
If you have used or currently using similar tools you will be amazed with the features and capabilities you will discover in nuevoMailer.
Discover an amazing set of features and possibilities,
Extensive newsletter personalization
  • Sending personalized newsletters is a key factor for successful email marketing.
  • You can personalize the subject, body, hyperlinks, preheader and even the Google analytics tags using any subscriber field.
  • You can personalize your greeting emails and even the landing pages subscriber see.
  • See all newsletter management features.
Sender profiles
  • Multiple sender profiles work as different sender identities that can be used in campaigns, autoresponders or opt-in forms.
    Sender profiles explained.
Conditional content
  • Send different content to different subscribers within the same newsletter/campaign based on subscribers properties.
  • Show/hide newsletter parts depending on subscriber data. See how it's done in the Online Help section.
Opt-in form builder
  • With custom subscriber fields you can collect the information you want, the way you want with a powerful integrated form builder.
  • Build forms with captcha and inline validation, save/edit them, link them to external systems using outbound webhooks / data posting) and integrate your forms in other pages with one line of code.
  • You have a single centralized solution to handle opt-in forms at multiple websites, start building your mailing lists, design, send and track email campaigns.
Multi-threaded sending
  • For high volume, time sensitive email campaigns. Boost your sending speed with multiple threads using this plugin.
Integrations - RESTful API and Zapier app
  • nuevoMailer has a complete API for managing subscribers, lists and campaigns.
    With the API you can retrieve data, accept data from other systems (e.g. automatically create subscribers) and share data with other systems.
  • nuevoMailer has a Zapier app.
  • Furthermore, the API allows nuevoMailer to communicate with many other systems similar to Zapier.
ESP - SaaS version
  • Email Marketing Services providers should see the nuevoMailer ESP edition.
WordPress plugin version
Campaigns that follow-up automatically...
  • with unresponsive subscribers. An autoresponder for non responders. See how.
Geolocation chart
Geolocation chart based on campaign clicks or views.
Autoresponders, drip email campaigns and more
Send-time optimization
Powerful mailing list segmentation
  • Mailing list segmentation is a key process in email marketing.
  • nuevoMailer offers extensive list management, segmentation, filtering and follow-up features to fine-tune your email campaigns.
  • Advanced search utility with powerful options. Analyze, view, isolate, export subscribers based on demographic data and/or tracking behavior (w/wo views/clicks), create new lists and mailing filters.
  • Find, isolate and reengage dormant subscribers.
  • Keep your lists clean and healthy by processing bounces and complaints.
News log widget
  • News log widget for micro-blogging. Publish your news in your website. Can be used as changelog, roadmap, news chart or news bulletin. Discover the News log.
ChatGPT inside your admin panel
  • Get instant inspiration and tips about newsletter ideas, subject lines, general content and even coding tips. Practically anything you want. You will need an api key from OpenAI. With a pay-as-you-go plan you can buy credit for as low as $5. For occasional use this is more economical than a monthly subscription. Check the demo for real life examples.
Amazon SES/SNS ready
Improve your subscribers experience
  • Publish newsletters and content pages and link between them.
  • Online newsletter archive.
  • Subscriber portal where your subscribers can login and update their account.
  • Ask for an opt-out reason when unsubscribing to gain better insights on why your subscribers abandoning you.
  • Option to snooze (suspend emails) instead of opting out. This is a great way to retain subscribers. Learn how important this is.
The total activity report
Timeline chart in your Welcome page with Clicks and Views over time.
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