email marketing

  • All types of email campaigns
  • Autoresponders & triggers
  • Opt-in forms & landing pages
  • Powerful list segmentation
  • Extensive newsletter personalization
  • Detailed, multi-level reporting
  • Conditional content
  • ESP / Saas version available
  • User friendly!
Who is it for?
  • for businesses or other organizations that need an in-house, self-hosted solution for email marketing and autoresponder campaigns.
  • for email marketing professionals engaging in newsletter marketing or sending email campaigns for their clients.
  • for IT professionals providing Email marketing as a service. ESP/Saas version.
  • for those who need a single centralized solution to handle opt-in forms at multiple websites, start building their mailing lists, design, send and track newsletter performance. More.
One-time license fee
  • It is ideal for those who don't want to pay monthly fees neither volume-based fees.
  • Since nuevoMailer is self-hosted it runs from your own server and use it as you like. You have total control of your campaigns, mailing lists and newsletters.
Powerful, feature-rich and easy to use
  • nuevoMailer scales with your knowledge and experience. Easy for starters in email marketing, becomes a power-tool for professionals. Its features are unfolded progressively: the more you do the more you discover that you can do.
  • You will enjoy an intuitive fast-loading administration panel resulting in a pleasant working experience and increased productivity.
  • nuevoMailer is a powerful newsletter mailer and mailing list manager. More on performance.
ESP - SaaS version
Are you an Email Marketing Services provider? Check the ESP version
Send better email campaigns
  • With nuevoMailer you will create more focused and more targeted email campaigns such as,
  • Periodic & recurring campaigns, campaign series, drip email campaigns, follow-up campaigns and more.
  • Autoresponder emails and email triggers.
  • You can send multiple campaigns asynchronously, at the same time in the background.
  • Get better insights with detailed, multi-level real-time reports and awesome interactive charts.
Summary report
On the technical side
  • Built in PHP, mySQL, MariaDB for Linux (and Windows) servers easily handles large mailing lists with millions of subscribers. More on performance.
  • For shared or dedicated, cloud, vps hosting and other variants. Easy installation (free if you like). No programming knowledge required. Technical requirements.
  • Works with all popular SMTP (3rd party) service providers.
The total activity report
Enhanced subscriber experience
  • Extensive newsletter personalization.
  • Differentiate parts of a newsletter using conditional content blocks.
  • Form-builder and custom subscriber fields so you can collect the information you want, the way you want.
  • Build custom, personalized greeting emails and landing pages.
  • Extensive list management, segmentation, filtering and follow-up features to fine-tune your email campaigns.
  • Publish newsletters and content pages and link between them.
  • Clear separation of entities like subscriber, mailing list, newsletter, campaign. Any newsletter can be used in any campaign with any number of lists.
Multi-threaded sending plugin
For high volume, time sensitive email campaigns. Boost your sending speed with multiple threads. More.
Amazon SES/SNS ready
Send using Amazon SES. Configure Amazon SNS to process bounces and handle complaints.
Learn more about the EU General Data Protection Regulation and how it affects Email Marketing.
Campaigns that follow-up automatically...
with unresponsive subscribers. An autoresponder for non responders. See how

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