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Campaigns that follow-up automatically

About following-up

While it is more evident and you have many options to follow-up (manually or automatically) with subscribers who click or open it is not so obvious how to follow-up automatically with those who don't take any action in a campaign.

So the idea is:
to create a campaign that will automatically be sent again a few times only to those who do not click nor open.
In other words:
autoresponders for those who do not respond.

How to do it

  1. Create a custom subscriber field like #Tag1
  2. Go Menu > Filters > Create new > Based on subscriber properties and do a search using this criterion:
    Subscriber's #Tag1 does not contain action. The term action can be anything you want.
    Click on "Search" and then create a new filter.
  3. Create a campaign that uses the above filter, the list(s), newsletter and other options you want.
  4. Go to your campaigns and put 1 or 2 triggers on this campaign, depending on whether you want to focus on clicks, views or both. The triggers should be like this:
    Upon campaign click/view change the #Tag1 field value to action.
  5. Open your campaign again for editing.
    You will make this campaign recurring. To repeat 2-3 times (using an end date).
    The recurrence period and the end date determine how many times this campaign will run. So do some calculations.
  6. To make it even better from a marketing perspective, use a newsletter series. Use 2-3 different newsletters instead of the same.
  7. The first time it runs there are no subscribers having action in #Tag1. So it will include all.
    For subscribers who open/click their #Tag1 field will change to action
    So the next campaigns will only go to the subscribers who never clicked or opened. And this number will diminish with every run.
  8. After the cycle completes you will probably want to purge data in this field or re-use it. Go to your Custom subscriber fields, set this field as non-active and then at the bottom of the page click Purge data for non-active fields.

To follow-up with those who click or open

In this case you have many options such as:
  1. Use triggers that send individual emails on a personal basis (triggered emails).
  2. Create a follow-up campaign from your summary report.
  3. Create a follow-up list and a new campaign.

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