nuevoMailer MB - 1 year subscription license v.10.0

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How it works

  • With this license you can install nuevoMailer on any number of servers or domains.
  • Each time you want to do a new installation you simply log in your account and create your license files for this domain.
  • Licenses do not expire. They are functional forever.
  • Ideal for IT providers, ESPs, developers, software integrators etc.
  • Largely open source. Besides the license files the code is open and you are free to make changes as explained in the license agreement.

Updates and upgrades

  • 12 months free updates and support. 20% discount on renewals.
  • After ordering you will have the option to create licenses for new installations for 12 months after your order. For 12 months you will have access to the latest available release and free support. You can renew this license for another 12 months with 20% discount.
  • A license renewal is optional and you can do it any time in the future.

Payment terms

  • An order for this license is not refundable. You should first order a regular license so that you can properly evaluate the product and make sure that it works as you like and covers your needs. Should you decide to purchase the developer license within the next 30 days you will have a full discount on what you paid.

License terms and conditions

Please refer to the complete license agreement here.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further clarifications.
nuevoMailer MB - 1 year subscription license v.10.0
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